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Radi (n.)
radish, in Bavaria cut in thin slices (appr. 1 mm thin) and intensely salted.

Radler (n.)
Helles with lemonade; since its invention on the Kugleralm near Munich, in the beginning of the last century, it has steadily increased in popularity.

Rankn (n.)
a loaf of bread.

Ratschkathl (n.)
chatty and gossip addicted woman.

Rauschada (n.)
drunk, drunkard; a relatively frequent sight at Oktoberfest.

Reiwadatschi (n.)
potato pancake, q.v. Datschi

resch (adj.)
crispy; foremost usable for "neibochan Wiesnbrezn“.

Ripperl (n.)
smoked pork chop.

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