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deia (adj.)

Dellafleisch (n.)
boiled beef, stewing steak.

Diridari (n.)
money: should be brought in sufficient sums to the Oktoberfest.

Ditschi (n.)
hat, particularly the Bavarian version with the dent in the middle.

Drahwuam (n.)
giddiness, which occur after constant spinning. At the Oktoberfest primarily after carousel-rides.

drallert (adj.)
after the tenth round in the carousel you feel dizzy.

Dreiquartlprivatier (n.)
term for senior a citizen, who, due to poverty, only could afford ¾ litre of a beer. The term was coined in the novel "Erfolg" by Lion Feuchtwangers.

duachanand (adj.)
chaos, confusion.

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