Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Oktoberfest Lunch Specials

Save money from morning till early afternoon

A midday visit to the Wiesn has many advantages. It’s more comfortable than the afternoon and evening hours, and what’s more, many Wiesn hosts offer a cheaper lunch menu. A fine thing for connoisseurs and families, especially during the week!

Open tables, fair prices: Lunch in the beer tent

Of course there’s no yawning emptiness at the Wiesn, even at midday, but it is more relaxed than later in the day. For this reason, the Wiesn at midday is especially popular with families. Even without a reservation — at least during the week — you have a good chance of getting a free table in one of the tents or beer gardens, and can enjoy the delicacies of the lunch menu there at lower prices. And after lunch you can have fun together on the rides without having to wait in long lines.

Which festival tents participate and what they offer

Most tents offer a different lunch every day and are anything but unimaginative. Hearty, home-style food is served here as well as light, vegetarian cuisine. But on Fridays you have to take a closer look. Some tents only offer the Midday Wiesn service from Monday to Thursday, but not on Friday, which is the day with the most visitors and the highest turnover, and also not on weekends.

Lunch Specials 2019 - Big Tents

Augustiner-Festhalle (11.30 am to 3 pm)

  • Monday: Böfflamotte from Gut Granerhof with root vegetables and bread dumplings, 12,80 Euro
  • Tuesday: Original Augustiner curry onion shashlik with pork, bacon and offal, one roll, 9,50 Euro
  • Tuesday (family day): Augustiner "Hits for Kids" Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Parmesan, 0,2l fruit juice drink and 1 wonderbag, 6,50 Euro
  • Wednesday: Slaughter bowl with blood and liver sausage, pork belly, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, 12,80 Euro
  • Thursday (except 03.10.): Homemade meatballs with venison from Gut Granerhof with cream mushrooms, spaetzle and cranberries
  • Friday: Cod fillet baked with sauce remoulade and potato-cucumber salad, 12,80 Euro

Festzelt Tradition (Old Oktoberfest, Monday to Friday from 11 am, while stocks last)

  • Rice meat with corn chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, paprika, onions and grated Emmentaler, 10,20 Euro
  • Strung pork belly with potato-cucumber salad and torn horseradish, 14,30 Euro

Fischer-Vroni (11 am to 2 pm)

  • Monday, 23.09.: Saithe fillet poached with champagne dill mustard sauce, organic salt potatoes, 14,50 Euro
  • Tuesday, 24.09.: Fillet of plaice grilled with bacon and capers, parsnip puree, 14,50 Euro
  • Wednesday, 25.09.: Filet of cod breaded and fried, remoulade sauce, homemade potato-cucumber salad, 14,50 Euro
  • Thursday, 26.09.: Vroni's fish goulash, recipe from the "winter grandma", with coalfish, organic potatoes, onions, cream, spices, 14,50 Euro
  • Monday: 30.09.: Carp fillet fried in Augustiner beer dough, remoulade sauce, potato salad, 14,50 Euro
  • Tuesday, 01.10.: Filet of whitefish fried with fennel cream vegetables, pumpkin ragout, 14,50 Euro
  • Wednesday, 02.10.: Cape hake fillet fried on the skin with carrot-ginger vegetables, sweet potato mash, 14,50 Euro
  • Thursday, 03.10.: fish grill plate, vegetables mediterranean style, rosemary potatoes, 14,50 Euro

Hacker Festzelt (11.30 am to 2 pm)

  • Monday, 23.09.: Grilled roast veal with fresh mushrooms in cream and homemade spaetzle, 12,50 Euro
  • Tuesday, 24.09.: Lean, stuffed pork breast with crust and homemade potato-cucumber salad, 12,50 Euro
  • Wednesday, 25.09.: Beef roulade with mashed potatoes and red cabbage, 12,50 Euro
  • Thursday, 26.09.: Bavarian cabbage platter with roast pork, Gselchtem, bread dumplings and sauerkraut, 12,50 Euro
  • Friday, 27.09.: Mild cured ox breast with horseradish sauce cream savoy cabbage and fried potatoes, 12,50 Euro
  • Monday, 30.09.: Veal cream goulash with homemade spaetzle, 12,50 Euro
  • Tuesday, 01.10.: ¼ grilled duck with red cabbage and potato dumplings, 12,50 Euro
  • Wednesday, 02.10.: Braised veal pastry in a strong red wine sauce with mashed potatoes, 12,50 Euro
  • Friday, 04.10.: Grilled lamb shank with bacon beans and fried potatoes, 12,50 Euro

Herzkasperlzelt (Old Oktoberfest)

  • According to daily menu

Hofbräu-Festzelt (11 am to 3 pm)

  • Monday to Friday: Hendl- und Enten-gröstl from chicken and duck meat with vegetables, bacon and potatoes, 9,90 Euro
  • Monday to Friday: Crispy beer roast with Bavarian cabbage and potato dumplings, 9,90 Euro
  • Monday: Cordon Bleu of pork stuffed with cheese and ham with potato rocket salad, 8,90 Euro
  • Tuesday (except 03.10.): beef roulade "Hausfrauenart" filled with pickles and bacon, red wine sauce and mashed potatoes, 8,90 Euro
  • Wednesday: Crispy roast pork from the grill skewer with potato-cucumber salad, 8,90 Euro
  • Thursday: Braised venison ragout in juniper cream sauce with pretzel dumplings and cranberries, 8,90 Euro
  • Friday: Boiled beef steak with horseradish sauce and parsley potatoes, 8,90 Euro

Kufflers Weinzelt (till 3.30 pm)

  • Monday to Friday (except 03.10.): 1/2 golden brown grilled Wiesnhendl, 11,90 Euro
  • Monday to Friday (except 03.10.): 2 white sausages from Wallner with sweet Send and Brezn, 9,90 Euro
  • Monday to Friday (except 03.10.): 1/4 resche duck from Bavaria served in enamelpfandl, with apple cabbage and grated potato dumplings, 14,50 Euro
  • Monday: Pork escalope "Viennese style" with potato salad, 11,90 Euro
  • Tuesday: 2 homemade Krautwickerl with mashed potatoes, 9,90 Euro
  • Wednesday: Allgäu organic cheese patties with fried onions and green salad, 9,90 Euro
  • Thursday: Crispy breast of young pig with loose bread filling and cabbage salad, 11,90 Euro
  • Friday: Baked fish fillet with sauce remoulade and potato salad, 11,90 Euro

Löwenbräu-Festzelt (Monday to Friday till 3 pm)

  • Strong farmer's breadcrumbs with smoked mushrooms, strips of cooked beef breast, roasted potatoes and cabbage, 11,50 Euro
  • 1/4 Lower Bavarian outdoor duck from the grill with potato dumpling, 13,50 Euro
  • Surhaxerl of suckling pig and a slice of lean smoked mushroom on sauerkraut and parsley potatoes, 12,50 Euro

Marstall Festzelt (Monday to Friday to 5 pm, except 03.10.)

  • Three dumplings, cheese, spinach and bacon dumplings with brown sage butter, braised cherry tomatoes and sliced mountain cheese, 13,50 Euro
  • 1/2 Wiesn-Hendl from the grill with Andechser Alpine butter and parsley, 12,50 Euro
  • MARSTALL Leberkäsgröstl, Munich Leberkäs with fried potatoes, onions, young leek and fried egg, 13,80 Euro
  • Original Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl, 6 pieces with Sauerkraut and Mustard, 12,80 Euro
  • Veal cream goulash with spaetzle and roasted mushrooms, 13,90 Euro
  • Classic beef roast with red wine sauce and potato salad, 16,80 Euro
  • Homemade veal plant, 2 pieces with potato salad and onion sauce, 15,80 Euro
  • MARSTALL Burger, plucked pork neck with smoky marinade in wheat roll with creamy cabbage salad, potato wedges and sour cream, 16,80 Euro
  • Saithe fillet in beer dough, baked saithe fillet with potato salad, remoulade sauce and lemon, 15,80 Euro

Ochsenbraterei (11 am to 3 pm)

  • Monday: Landgockel Ragout, tomato vegetables and risolee potato, 12,50 Euro
  • Tuesday: Grandma Pichlsteiner's stew with pork, 12,50 Euro
  • Wednesday: Beef goulash with radish vegetables and mashed potatoes, 12,50 Euro
  • Thursday (except 03.10.): Veal lily creamy cooked, pickled gherkin, bread dumplings, 12,50 Euro

Paulaner Festzelt (11 am to 3 pm)

  • Monday: 2 pieces of meatballs with gravy and potato-cucumber salad, 12,95 Euro
  • Tuesday: crust pork belly with gravy, sauerkraut and potato dumplings, 12,95 Euro
  • Wednesday: Schäufele (pig shoulder meat) with gravy and potato-cucumber salad, 12,95 Euro
  • Thursday: Half back surhaxe with gravy, sauerkraut and bread dumplings, 12,95 Euro
  • Friday: Quarter Bavarian duck with duck sauce, red cabbage and potato dumplings, 12,95 Euro

Pschorr Festzelt Bräurosl (11.30 am to 2.30 pm)

  • Monday: Munich crust pork belly with bread dumpling and caraway sauce, 12,50 Euro
  • Tuesday: Boiled plate meat with potato radish salad and horseradish, 12,50 Euro
  • Wednesday: Roast veal with Spätzle, 12,50 Euro
  • Thursday (except 03.10.): Hearty beef goulash with bread dumpling, 12,50 Euro

Schottenhamel-Festhalle (11 am to 3 pm)

  • Monday to Thursday: Veal plant with mashed potatoes and onion sauce, 12,90 Euro
  • Monday to Thursday: Mittagsreindl: ¼ Oktoberfest chicken, ¼ Duck, potato dumpling, 13,95 Euro


  • Monday to Thursday (except 03.10.), 12 am to 3 pm: Pancake soup Pancake strips, ox stock, chives, portion of Upper Bavarian free-range duck - fresh from the oven, potato dumplings, Dallmayr oatmeal coffee, 16,90 Euro
  • Monday, 23.09., 11 am to 3 pm: Lower Bavarian wheat beer goulash, cut from beef shoulder, pretzel dumplings, 14,70 Euro
  • Tuesday, 24.09., 11 am to 3 pm: Beer roast, juicy pork breast, cruster, caraway sauce, hand-rolled bread dumplings, 14,70 Euro
  • Wednesday, 25.09., 11 am to 3 pm: Krautwickerl, juicy minced meat cooked in white cabbage leaf, bacon sauce, mashed potatoes, 14,70 Euro
  • Thursday, 26.09., 11 am to 3 pm: veal cream goulash, butter spaetzle, dill cream cucumber salad, 14,70 Euro
  • Monday, 30.09., 11 am to 3 pm: veal breast - two fillings, natural sauce, potato salad, 14,70 Euro
  • Tuesday, 01.10., 11 am to 3 pm: Stuffed pepper, on a fruity tomato sauce, natural rice, 14,70 Euro
  • Wednesday, 02.10., 11 am to 3 pm: suckling pig neck burr, caraway, potatoes, roast sauce, 14,70 Euro

Zur Schönheitskönigin (Old Oktoberfest, 11 am to 2 pm)

  • Daily: White sausage, two pieces, with sweet mustard and pretzels
  • Daily: Veal sirloin seasoned slightly sour, with bread dumpling
  • Daily: Boiled meat from the pork mushrooms, Züngerl and heart, with onions, horseradish, served with home-made bread
  • Daily: Crown meat tenderly boiled diaphragm of beef, served pink, with potato vegetables and horseradish
  • Daily: Veal sweetbread sausage, browned, served with gravy and potato salad
  • Monday: Hot pork goulash, with pepperoni and potatoes
  • Tuesday: Paprika chicken - chicken in paprika cream sauce and buttered egg spaetzle
  • Wednesday: Freshly baked Leberkäs with potato salad and hot mustard
  • Thursday: Calf's feet loosened, baked in clarified butter, with potato salad and remoulade sauce
  • Friday: Vegetarian spinach and cheese dumplings with nut butter, tomato vegetable ragout and sliced organic mountain cheese from Andechs

Lunch Specials 2019 - Small Tents

Ammer Hühner- und Entenbraterei (Monday to Friday until 17.30 pm)

  • "Hanni's" Lunch: 1/2 Ammer organic chicken from the grill prepared with organic butter and fresh organic parsley, potato-cucumber salad
  • Lunch menu:
    • Appetizer: Organic Batzibua (bavarian cheese spread) with red organic onion rings, organic rolls
    • Main course "Hans & Franz": 1/4 grilled duck prepared with fresh mugwort, duck sauce, grated potato dumplings, red cabbage
    • Or main course "Spatzengaudi": Allgäu cheese spaetzle, Senn cheese, roasted onions
    • Dessert: Kaiserschmarrn, plum roaster
  • Prices
    • Menu "Hans & Franz" with 2 courses (=main course with appetizer or dessert), 29,60 Euro
    • Menu "Hans & Franz" with 3 courses (=main course with appetizer and dessert), 35,90 Euro
    • Menu "Spatzengaudi" with 2 courses (=main course with appetizer or dessert), 23,30 Euro
    • Menu "Spatzengaudi" with 3 courses (=main course with appetizer and dessert), 29,60 Euro

Café Kaiserschmarrn (12:15 am to 2.30 pm)

  • Monday to Friday: Lunch special with snacks

Feisinger's Kas- und Weinstubn (11 am to 3 pm)

  • Monday to Friday: Daily changing midday punch with a rich dish and a fresh Franciscan wheat beer 0.5 l
  • Monday to Friday: Menu with discounted prices for small guests up to 12 years as well as a colorful painting fun

Glöckle Wirt

  • Monday to Friday: one meal including (one) wheat beer at a special price
  • Monday to Friday until 12 o'clock: white sausage per piece only 0,99 Euro

Haxnbraterei (11:30 am to 5 pm)

  • Monday to Friday (except 03.10.): beef goulash, meatballs, beer roast or other delicacies, 8,90 Euro
  • Monday to Friday (except 03.10.): children's dishes, 5,50 Euro

Heimer Enten- und Hühnerbraterei (Monday to Friday from 11 am to 4 pm)

  • Senior plate: 1/4 mast duck fresh from the spit with a potato dumpling and duck sauce and a portion of red cabbage, 18,50 Euro

Kalbsbraterei (11:30 am to 3 pm)

  • Monday to Friday (except 03.10.): Changing lunch dishes

Münchner Knödelei (11:30 am to 2 pm)

  • Monday to Friday: The Knödelei lunch menu: Valentin Cuvée braised veal bakery with potato horseradish puree & roasted vegetables, iced yeast dumplings with Powidl filling on plum rum ragout, 17,50 Euro
  • Monday to Friday: Two pieces of white sausages from the butcher's belly with pretzel and original Händlmeier mustard, 6,90 Euro
  • Monday to Friday: Oven-fresh liver cask with potato radish salad and homemade beer mustard, 13,50 Euro
  • Monday to Friday: "Almkas" (from 2 persons): homemade Kasspatzen according to grandma Oberndorfers recipe served whole, hollowed out bread loaf, small pottery with fresh chives, roasted onions planed Bergkas and Peperoncini-oil in addition a large bowl salad, dressed with mustard seed dressing, 15,80 Euro per person

Poschner's Hühner- und Entenbraterei (Monday to Friday till 1 pm)

  • Poschner's poultry gröstl Munich style

Wiesn Guglhupf (Monday to Thursday from 12 am to 2 pm, except 03.10.)

  • Aperol Sprizz (0,2l), 4,40 Euro
  • Hugo (0,2l), 4,40 Euro
  • Lillet Rosé Tonic (0,2l), 4,40 Euro


  • Monday: Roast pork with potato dumplings and bacon cabbage salad
  • Tuesday: Roast wild boar with dumplings and apple blue cabbage
  • Wednesday: Schnitzel "Viennese style" with potato rocket salad and cranberries
  • Thursday: Kässpatzen with onion melt
  • Friday: Game goulash with bread dumplings and apple blue cabbage
Important: Non-updated information on this page refers to Oktoberfest 2019. There was no Oktoberfest in 2020, neither was in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.