Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Oktoberfest Lunch Specials

Save money from morning till early afternoon

A midday visit to the Wiesn has many advantages. It’s more comfortable than the afternoon and evening hours, and what’s more, many Wiesn hosts offer a cheaper lunch menu. A fine thing for connoisseurs and families, especially during the week!

Open tables, fair prices: Lunch in the beer tent

Of course there’s no yawning emptiness at the Wiesn, even at midday, but it is more relaxed than later in the day. For this reason, the Wiesn at midday is especially popular with families. Even without a reservation — at least during the week — you have a good chance of getting a free table in one of the tents or beer gardens, and can enjoy the delicacies of the lunch menu there at lower prices. And after lunch you can have fun together on the rides without having to wait in long lines.

What the festival tents offer

Most tents offer a different lunch every day and are anything but unimaginative like the Hofbräu tent. Hearty, home-style food is served here as well as light, vegetarian cuisine. But on Fridays you have to take a closer look. Some tents only offer the Midday Wiesn service from Monday to Thursday like the Wiesn-Guglhupf, but not on Friday, which is the day with the most visitors and the highest turnover, and also not on weekends.