Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Father Schießler: Wiesn waiter with a passion

Why is a priest working at Oktoberfest? An interview with Rainer Maria Schießler

Because he loves the Wiesn just as much as his church, Munich priest Rainer Maria Schießler can be found at Oktoberfest every year – and from 2006 to 2012 and 2015, even daily in the Schottenhamel tent as a waiter. His commitment to his colleagues is also record-breaking: He’s in charge of moral support for 400 employees. An interview from his time as a Wiesn waiter.

What do you do at the Wiesn and for how long, Father?

I was at a CSU reception in 2006, where I met Mr. Schottenhamel. In this context I then said that I would also like to work at the Wiesn one day. So I became a waiter in the Schottenhamel tent and, at the same time, a chaplain for my colleagues at the Wiesn. That’s what I do for a living. I am almost certainly the first priest to work as a Wiesn waiter.

How do you do that in addition to your normal work?

I take extra time off and work on my vacations. There’s no other way.

How do you like your work at the Wiesn?

I love working at Oktoberfest. It’s a real addiction. Privately, I never go there. You’d have to force me to. But work at the Wiesn is the best, and that’s why I come back every year.

How good friends are you with your coworkers?

There are about 400 employees that I see regularly on registration day. I already know all of them, because I am a moral support for them and also stand ready as a personal chaplain for all colleagues.

How many beer mugs can you carry?

By now, I can even carry 14. Ten mugs, minimum. They’re pretty heavy: at night, everything hurts. But I’ve already started training for this Oktoberfest.

What do you do with your Wiesn earnings?

Oktoberfest money doesn’t bring me much personally, so I have considered what I can still do with it. That’s how I came across Lotti Latrous. She opened her Centres d’Espoir in the slums of Abidjan (Ivory Coast), aid facilities in which she helps people in need. It is very important to me that my money goes to something useful.

Please note: The Oktoberfest 2020 will not take place due to the Corona pandemic