Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Oktoberfest tour with Liesl Weapon

How to spend a perfect day at Oktoberfest

Where can you find the best delicacies, the fanciest booths and the most beautiful souvenirs at Oktoberfest? Comedian Liesl Weapon presents her highlights.

Oktoberfest from 50 metres high

The best thing to do right at the start is to get an overview of the Oktoberfest - in what is probably the most photographed motive of the festival, the Ferris wheel. Afterwards, adrenaline junkies head to ‚Fünfer-Looping‘ and Co. in the ‚Schaustellerstraße‘. Those who like it more relaxed and traditional will feel happy at the ‚Oide Wiesn‘, where you can experience how Oktoberfest was 100 years ago.

Culinary and cult on Oktoberfest

What else shouldn‘t be missing from a Oktoberfest stroll? We’d say cult classics like ‚Hau den Lukas‘ and the ‚Toboggan‘. If you don't want to drive the latter yourself, just stand in front of it with freshly roasted almonds and enjoy the spectacle! When your stomach rumbles, go for a traditional ‚Brotzeit‘ in one of the beer gardens or coffee and cake in the smaller tents. Finally, get a gingerbread heart for your loved ones at home and your Oktoberfest day is perfect!

You can also see all impressions of the Oktoberfest stroll in our video with Liesl Weapon: