Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: picture alliance/Ursula Düren/dpa

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Oktoberfest

The "Terminator" rocking it out at the Marstall tent

Oktoberfest visitors were able to admire perhaps the strongest conductor in the world in the Marstall tent on Sunday evening. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself swung the baton for the band. But then again, his visit is not that surprising.

Arnie looked good in traditional Lederhosen

That Arnold Schwarzenegger loves Munich and the Oktoberfest in particular is no longer a big secret. In recent years, the "Terminator" and ex-governor of California has been a regular guest at the Wiesn and has provided many a mood highlight. This year he came to the Marstall-Festzelt with his girlfriend Heather Milligan and his hardly less muscular actor friend Ralf Moeller. And while he was there, Schwarzenegger couldn't resist conducting the band "Münchner Zwietracht" on stage with his baton. Arnie also showed tactfulness in the selection of traditional costumes: in his light-coloured shirt and short leather trousers he looked really gut. And that someone like him has the proper figure for Bavarian traditional clothing is out of the question.

Schwarzenegger's performance on Sunday wasn't the first celebrity highlight in the Marstall tent: On Saturday famous TV host Thomas Gottschalk rocked with the band on stage.