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Tent owners explain the "moderate price increase"

Beer prices 2019: What the tent owners say

2019, a "mass" (1 liter) of Oktoberfest beer costs between 10.80 Euro and 11.80 Euro. Now the tent owners, represented by its two speakers Peter Inselkammer (Armbrustschützenzelt) and Christian Schottenhamel (Schottenhamel Festhalle), took position to the prices.

Wiesn beer price is between 10,80 and 11,80 Euro

The gastronomic companies have announced the beverage prices for the Oktoberfest 2019: A "mass" of festival beer costs between 10.80 Euro and 11.80 Euro - on average 3.11 percent more than in the previous year. Peter Inselkammer explains: "All in all, the measured prices have risen this year at a bearable rate. On average we are at 32 cents per litre. We have only just absorbed the main price drivers."

Hosts want to support trend towards more sustainability

Christian Schottenhamel adds: "We are convinced that we have to become better and better in terms of sustainability for such a big folk festival as the Wiesn. Even though we have already achieved a lot, we still have a long way to go. But we like to go that way, even if it costs us more money. Unfortunately, a smaller part of this is also reflected in the price of beer."

5 facts that influence the beer price

In their comments, the tent owners cited the following five facts concerning the fixing of the beer price:

1. "This year the construction will be more expensive again. Every Munich resident and Bavarian who needs a craftsman knows this: good crafts simply cost more money these days due to the increased demand.

2. We are happy to support the trend toward more regional products. And more biological quality. Munich consumers know from their own experience that sustainably produced food costs more.

3. When it comes to sustainable energy, the large tents are pioneers. Here, green electricity from Munich's municipal utilities is used. This also costs more.

4. The breweries have demanded more for their beer this year. Purchase prices have risen by about 5 to 8 percent, which, according to the brewery industry, is due to higher raw material prices for barley and hops.

5. Last but not least, the costs for our personnel have also increased. Wage increases are between three and five percent. But: "Our employees have honestly earned this through their untiring commitment."

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