Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Construction of the Oktoberfest 2019 - Beginning

Construction for Oktoberfest 2019 has begun

75 days before the start of the Oktoberfest, the construction for the largest folk festival in the world, the Wiesn, begins. Within the next few weeks the builders will therefore be working hard on rides, stalls and of course the festival tents. The Theresienwiese will be transformed into the largest construction site in Munich.

As of today: Working on the Wiesn until the tapping date

Things are happening on the Theresienwiese: Since today, the largest construction site in Munich has been busy working to ensure that everything is ready to go by the deadline of September 21st. So far, it's hard to imagine that millions of people will enter and leave Oktoberfest in a few weeks' time. Nevertheless, the processes seem routine. In any case, the tent owners and those responsible are confident that everything will be in its place on September 21st.

Particularly exciting is the start of the construction work for the head of the Department of Labour and Economic Affairs, Clemens Baumgärtner, who this year for the first time takes the job as head of octoberfest and is full of anticipation:

"The feeling and the special flair, the smell, the sound, the festival tents, exciting and traditional rides, that's what you have to look at as a Munich citizen. Therefore it is exciting to see how the foundation stone for the Wiesn is laid."

Munich's largest construction site

Since this morning, excavators, forklifts and several trucks have been rolling across the Theresienwiese. A marquee consists of about 800 truck loads. 35,000 sqm of floor are laid per tent. There are also 13.5 kilometres of cable, 270 metres of gas pipes and 370 metres of water pipes. The term "Munich's largest construction site" is therefore not fictitious. Week after week, progress can be seen until the work is finished and Oktoberfest finally starts again.

Due to the construction work, the Theresienwiese is only accessible to a limited extent. More information can be found here