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Stolen Oktoberfest cow from the Käfer tent travels around the world

Plastic animal sees the world: from the Oktoberfest to the desert and back

A decorative cow is stolen in the Käfer tent in 2018 - that alone is unusual. The fact that the cow will be returned one year later by the artist community "Robot Heart" and has completed a spectacular world trip is one of the most curious stories of the Oktoberfest 2019.

"Robot Heart", according to its own description, is a community for "doers and dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs". But what is obviously also not unimportant in this artistic context is simply to do nonsense. And so it happened that members of "Robot Heart" went home with company during a visit to the Käfer tent at the Oktoberfest 2018: In the form of a plastic cow. Really interesting - and that makes the story really curious - it only becomes so afterwards: The "Robot Hearts" decide to take the cow to the USA by air freight and show her the world.

Plastik animal goes USA: San Franisco, New York, Nevada...

And so it happens that the cow from the beetle tent experiences a first-class sightseeing tour: she travels to San Francisco, New York, even to the cult festival "Burning Man" in the desert of Nevada. And then, in fact, in 2019 back to Munich on the Wiesn. There, in the Käfer tent, they were quite surprised when the lost animal suddenly stood in front of them again.

Wiesn host Michael Käfer is delighted that his most famous decorative object is back: "I was totally surprised, found it a great idea and very sincere from the boys to bring the cow back after your world trip". As is well known, interesting personalities are often present in the Käfer tent - but the story of the stolen cow will probably remain unique.

All pictures: Robot Heart

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