Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Mark Read

E-scooter during the Oktoberfest

Police controlls numerous e-scooters drivers on first Oktoberfest weekend

Police caught numerous e-scooter drivers on the first Wiesn weekend.

It was already a hotly debated topic in the run-up to the Wiesn: Will drunk driving with electric scooters increase during the Oktoberfest? According to the first police figures from the opening weekend, this cannot be said.

More than 60 drunken e-scooters were taken out of circulation and have to surrender their driving licences. Around half of them had over 1.1 percent alcohol level, which is considered a criminal offence - in this case, the driving licence is lost for at least half a year.

No "Oktoberfest effect" noticeable

For the others, the per mille value was between 0.5 and 1.1 alcohol level, the flap is then usually retracted for one month, and it also sets a fine of 500 euros. Similarly many drunkenness drives gave it in Munich however already on weekends before the Wiesn, it cannot be spoken according to data of the police thus momentarily of an "Octoberfest effect".

If you want to go home after your beer tent visit, then stick to this simple principle: Don't use an E-scooter and go by public transport.
Here are the rules for e-scooters during the Wiesn for you