Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

50 kids from Munich are invited to the Hacker-Festzelt

Gabriele Neff is committed to help children in need on the Oktoberfest

A special afternoon for children who would otherwise not be able to experience the Wiesn so easily: At the invitation of the host family Roiderer, 50 kids were allowed to eat and drink in the Hacker tent, then we went to the Riesenrad and the "Wilde Maus". The campaign was initiated by Gabriele Neff (FDP), a member of the Münchner Kindertafel e.V. (Munich Children's Board).

50 children from two Munich schools experience the "Mittagswiesn"

"Since I have been a member of the Münchner Kindertafel, I have been involved and try to do something good for needy children," said Gabriele Neff of the Munich FDP. Last week, almost 90 disadvantaged children were able to experience a great Wiesn afternoon in the beer garden of the Familien-Platzls. Today, 50 children from two Munich secondary schools were guests in the Hacker-Festzelt. With Hendl, Pommes and Spezi or Apfelschorle under the famous white-blue sky in the Hackerzelt. An experience, which is probably completely normal for many residents of Munich children - not for these children from the Lerchenau and Ramersdorf.

Bavarian food in the Hackerzelt Bavarian food in the Hackerzelt • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

"I asked Thomas Roiderer and he said yes in an instant!"

Gabriele Neff Wiesnwirt asked Thomas Roiderer whether he could host 50 children in his "Bavarian heaven". "That was a matter of course for me", says Roiderer, "so that the children could get the flair of the Wiesn, so that they had something to eat, so that they could be happy". Gabriele Neff is always a good partner for such actions. "Afterwards we'll go to the Ferris wheel and go to the Wild Mouse," adds the city councillor, "and I think we've really given the children a nice Wiesn day."