Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Mónica Garduño

Up close for 12 hours

Live from the oktoberfest police office: 12 hours of Twitter marathon

What does the police experience during the Oktoberfest hustle and bustle? Today the "Wiesnwache" will tweet live for 12 hours under the Hashtag #wiesnwache from the action at the Oktoberfest. Things can get curious and funny there. The Twitter marathon is already something of a cult favorite!

Unique action: The Wiesnwache experiences this - live!

It isn't a big secret that some Oktoberfest visitors drink one or two beers too many. But during the festival the police are by no means only concerned with buzzed-up tent visitors. In previous years, the officers used their Twitter marathon during the Wiesn to show how broad their range of missions really is: foreign guests who have lost their way, men who can no longer find their wives or, conversely, lost wedding rings - the "Wiesnwache" is called on a wide variety of missions. And comments this in a very entertaining way on Twitter.

This year's Twitter Marathon #wiesnwache starts at 12 noon. And then a lot can really happen until midnight...

Pursuit chases, target shooting, creepy masks...

This year's Twitter-Marathon #wiesnwache started at 12 noon and runs until midnight. At first it started comfortably, so that a Wiesn patrol even had time for a ride on the roller coaster, presented on Twitter as an "exciting chase". But then there was a lot of work to do: A renegade tent rioter chose the wrong one of two options and had to go on guard duty. Another visitor came up with the interesting idea of visiting the Oktoberfest with a skull mask and a rubber sword - he was then allowed to continue "naked", the police kept the utensils. And until midnight a lot can still happen...

Follow the twitter marathon right here (in German)