Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Michael Nagy/Presseamt München

Munich's Dieter Reiter about tapping at the Oktoberfest

OB Reiter: 30 times Wiesn, 2 strokes, 1 leather trousers

In 2019 it took Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter - again - only two strokes to the "O'zapft is!" We wanted to know if he was nervous before tapping, how much he practiced and how often he's to be met at the Oktoberfest. Watch our video: Part I of "Wiesn Stories"!

Lord Mayor Reiter about tapping and leather trousers

Are you actually nervous when you tap the first barrel of Wiesnbier in front of the eyes of the whole world? "In the past, I was nervous for much longer - it's all gone by the sixth time," says Lord Mayor Reiter, who practices the penalty shoot-out like a professional soccer player for three quarters of an an hour before the tapping.

The perfect, sunny Wiesn weather on the opening Saturday may, if it goes according to him, remain so: Dieter Reiter is looking forward to a peaceful, cosy Wiesn with open beer gardens and people who have fun and return home healthy.

How often you can meet the Lord Mayor on the Theresienwiese during the next 15 days and how many Lederhosen he has in his closet for his appointments, he told us in the video we shot shortly after the tapping!