Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Reservation at the Oktoberfest

Munich contingent: Free Oktoberfest table for locals

Only four weeks until the Oktoberfest starts and you haven't reserved a table yet? No problem! At least if you live in Munich - and have some time to queue.

Last-minute table at the Oktoberfest

Making a reservation on the Oktoberfest is almost like the plan to rent a ski hut in the mountains on New Year's Eve: As soon as you start to think about it, it is usually already too late. For all of you who live in Munich, there is still a chance to make a reservation. The so-called "Munich contingent" started in 2015 - it was designed to make the Oktoberfest more attractive for locals. The dates are usually Saturday and Sunday mornings on the second and third Oktoberfest weekends as well as the national holiday (3rd of October).

The requirements for the Munich contingent

If you want a table from the Munich contingent, all you need to bring is your identity card. If your registration address is in Munich, you are eligible. Attention: Surrounding communities, such as Unterhaching or Ottobrunn, unfortunately do not count. Additionaly, you only have to pay a small reservation fee (preferably in cash) and need some time to queue - the rush for the Munich tables is usually very high. Big benefit: In contrast to the regular reservation at the Oktoberfest, there is no minimum consumption for the Munich contingent. So you don't have to buy any additional beer or chicken vouchers, just reserve the table.

Save the date: When Oktoberfest reservations are possible

For some tents, the Munich contingent for 2019 has already been exhausted, but there are also tents where advance sales are still starting.

  • Augustiner Festhalle: Advance booking mostly at the beginning of September in the city office (Neuhauser Straße 27, 80331 Munich), processing fee 10 Euro.
  • Festzelt Tradition: Advance booking 01.08. - 12.09.19, Thu and Sat from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Ratskeller (Marienplatz 8, 80331 Munich), processing fee 10 Euro.
  • Paulaner Festzelt: Advance booking 28.08. - 12.09.19, Mon - Wed from 11 to 18 o'clock in the Grünwalder Einkehr (Nördliche Münchner Str. 2, 82031 Grünwald), processing fee 10 Euro.
  • Schützen-Festzelt: Advance booking on 09.09.19 from 9 a.m. at Hotel Drei Löwen (Schillerstraße 8, 80336 Munich), please bring the completed reservation form with you.

Another hint for all non-Munich residents who were too late this year to make a reservation at the Oktoberfest: Most of the tents start their advance sales for the next Oktoberfest in spring 2020 - some even in January. So: Make a note in your calendar right away, then it'll certainly work next year with the Oktoberfest table!