Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: DB AG

A new unit

Deutsche Bahn unveils new concept for more safety at Oktoberfest

A new unit of Deutsche Bahn will provide additional security at the stations. Above all, it will have a de-escalating effect, but it will also intervene.

There is always a lot going on at the main station and at the Hackerbrücke during the Oktoberfest - of course visitors also want to feel safe at these two highly frequented places. Deutsche Bahn will therefore be using a new unit that will ensure additional safety at the two stations as well as on the trains.

This group is called the Mobile Support Group and currently consists of 10 men and women in Bavaria. "Since the Oktoberfest last year, we have had very good experiences with the use of bodycams," says Torsten Malt, Head of DB Security in Bavaria. "Now we deepened our employment concepts again. We will be more visible with this new unit."

Around one million passengers expected per day

Around 850,000 passengers a day are expected at the main station during the Oktoberfest , and around 150,000 a day at the Hackerbrücke.

DB's new mobile unit will also be used after the Wiesn, for example at football matches or public festivals, and will be expanded to 15 members by the end of the year.