Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Romana Bauer

St. Paul will also be renovated during the Oktoberfest

No panorama photos: Tower of St. Paul’s Church closed during the Oktoberfest

It is one of the hotspots for all those who want to enjoy a fantastic view over the city Munich or take a spectacular photo of the Oktoberfest: The balcony on the tower of St. Paul's Church. But in 2019 Oktoberfest visitors will be disappointed.

Great view over the Oktoberfest

Normally around around 6,000 people climb the 97-metre-high main tower of St. Paul during the Oktoberfest - because up there you can enjoy a fabulous view over the Oktoberfest, Munich's old town and, on a clear day, even as far as the Alps. During the Oktoberfest 2019, however, the popular viewing platform will have to remain closed.

• Photo: Sebastian Lehner

St. Paul's Church under construction

The reason for this is the ongoing renovation work on the Paulskirche, explains Bettina Göbner, spokeswoman for the Archbishop's Ordinariate of Munich. Since the main tower of the church will be scaffolded and the work cannot be stopped during the Oktoberfest, the sight will be limited, also there might be visitors climbing out. Therefore the photo balcony will remain closed during the Oktoberfest 2019.

Oktoberfest 2020: Viewing plattform reopened

But Göbner also has good news for all Wiesn fans: "The renovation of the tower is the last construction phase, so the viewing platform is likely to be reopened during the Wiesn 2020." And until then, the Bavaria or the Ferris Wheel on the Oktoberfest will also be great places to take beautiful panoramic photos.