Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Mónica Garduño

Oktoberfest police summary

Oktoberfest summary of Munich police: the most important numbers

The 186th Oktoberfest is over - and the Munich police have drawn a positive summary. It was a quiet and cosy Oktoberfest, but of course the police still had a lot to do. A few remarkable figures from this year's police summary of the Oktoberfest.

Good cooperation between police, fire brigade and other authorities

Slightly more missions than in the previous year, but fewer crimes with the same number of visitors: This is a summary of the extensive deployment of the Oktoberfest police this year. At the presentation of the official Oktoberfest review on the last day of the festival, the police spoke of a "quality Oktoberfest" and especially praised the great cooperation with security authorities, fire brigade and rescue service. The fact that the 16 festival days nevertheless demanded a lot from the emergency forces becomes clear when looking at the total figures.

Almost 2000 missions - but fewer crimes

Altogether the police was called 1915 times during the Oktoberfest and thus approximately 150 times more often than in the previous year. Most missions, exactly 243, took place on the middle Saturday of the Wiesn. But: The total number of crimes fell from 924 in the previous year to 914. The police were also able to announce a pleasing decline in pickpocketing - with 133 offences, just under 40 fewer than in the previous year were recorded. There was a slight increase in the number of reported sexual offences and in the number of "Maßkrug" (beer mug) brawls. There were a total of 469 arrests, also here an increase compared to 2018. Nevertheless, the police do not want to speak of a fundamental increase in crime among festival visitors.

E-scooters cause numerous driving licence losses

The issue of transport deserves special attention in the overall summary. The total number of traffic accidents during the Wiesn fell slightly to 2,338 - 43 of which involved alcohol. However, the e-scooters caused the police a lot of extra work this year, as apparently many users are not aware of the legal regulations. Drunken E-scooter drivers were stopped 414 times and the police withheld 254 driving licences.

Not listed in the summary, but a great success was this year's Twitter marathon of the police under the Hashtag #wiesnwache.