Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Bundespolizei München

Oktoberfest waiter loses wallet

Thanks to honest finder: Waiter gets back 3,700 Euro

Honest people still exit: Today a young woman found the purse of a Oktoberfest waiter with lots of cash at the main station. The federal police turned the purse over to the owner - who was very happy, but also had some gaps in his memory.

19-year-old found the money in unlocked compartment at main station

3.757€ cash, plus some dollar and yen notes: Not all of us carry such a full wallet around with us. But when you work as a waiter at Oktoberfest, a sum like this can come together. So a 37-year-old Austrian was extremely happy today about the honesty of a young woman. The 19-year-old from Graz had discovered his wallet in an unlocked locker at the main station where she herself wanted to store her luggage.

Waiter doesn't know how the wallet came to the locker

Instead of simply taking the money, the woman from Graz took the purse to the federal police. And the police could finally determine the owner thanks to a receipt from a Oktoberfest beer tent. But now things get strange: the 37-year-old can remember that after work on Monday he treated himself to a drink and finally fell asleep in the subway - but how the wallet attached to his belt got into the locker is a complete mystery to him.