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Prostspenden in favour of the Münchner Tafel

Liesl Weapon: "Prostspenden works too after the Oktoberfest - and always helps"

Drink a litre of beer, donate one euro - that is the motto of Prostspenden, a campaign by Munich cabaret artist Liesl Weapon in favor of the Münchner Tafel. In an interview with us, Liesl explains how much support there is, what happens with the donations, what the breakdown was, and how the campaign continues.

Prostspenden: Support by the Wiesnstiftung

oktoberfest.de : Shortly before the end of Wiesn in 2019, time for a review: How are things this year with the cheers? What were the highlights, what was it that made you so happy?

Liesl Weapon: Fortunately, we have more and more great supporters, especially artist colleagues, who call for prostitution in the social media, for example from Luise Kinseher and many more. But also the Wiesnstiftung, in which the landlords are involved, has promised us a big donation again, which is of course an immense help. And this year there was the first Men-Charity-Wiesn in favour of Prostspenden, that pleased us very much. So much heartfelt commitment comforts us a little beyond the initial setback.

Less donation income due to technical problems

Did something not go as planned?

Yes, you could say that. The donation tool, which is integrated into our website, unfortunately only worked very incorrectly in the first Wiesn week, especially on smartphones. This of course led to many potential prostitutes not donating and some of the attention for our project unfortunately went nowhere. With 13.500 Euro we are still far behind the amount donated last year. Fortunately everything is running technically now - so that can't be an excuse anymore not to donate.

The Münchner Tafel is in consciousness

Yet the social commitment of the Munich people seems to be quite pronounced, especially in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Münchner Tafel, doesn't it?

I already have the feeling that people are becoming more and more aware of the poverty in our rich city and the waste of food. We have to explain the importance of the Münchner Tafel less and less - it is in the consciousness of many people here. And that's one of the main concerns of our campaign, in addition to raising funds: to create awareness. As an independent association that supplies 20,000 citizens with food every week, the Münchner Tafel is an essential institution - which, thank God, is also perceived by an increasing number of Munich citizens.

Donation tool active until the end of November

And those who have not donated or donated very little - do they have to have a guilty conscience? Or is there, just as I can continue to use my beer brands after the Wiesn, also a possibility with the prostitution donations to become active after the return?

No, a bad conscience is not the order of the day anyway. But if you want to do something else, you are very welcome: just add up how many Maß (or Weinschorlen or Spezi) Uhr have drunk on the Wiesn and send 1 EURO each to the Münchner Tafel - at www.prostspenden.de. The donation tool will be active until the end of November. In addition, the Münchner Tafel has 650 volunteers in action. Anyone who would like to get involved here is welcome to contact us.

On Monday the donation jars are collected.

You are now making the "Prostspenden" in its second year - with great passion, with great commitment, as was seen at the premiere of "Rund um die Wiesn live" on oktoberfest.de. How will this campaign continue?

My girlfriend Angela Zacher, who is also responsible for public relations at the Münchner Tafel, and I are quite alone. We do have great website professionals at our side - but we are the ones who are pulling the strings. The Orga stays alone with us, from social media to lugging crates. Next Monday we drive alone over the Wiesn and collect all the donation jugs from the offices of the tents. Then we will take stock, shake our heads and ask ourselves why we are doing this to ourselves - it would be much easier to make a big company donation and take a cheque. The answer will be a simple Bavarian "Mei, huift ja Nix", and we will continue.

Oktoberfest.de and also the official city portal muenchen.de are official media partners of Prostspenden - we stay on it.
More info: www.prostspenden.de

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