Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Facebook Live at the Oktoberfest

Wednesday, 5 p.m.: Liesl Weapon presents "Rund um die Wiesn live"

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Luise Kinseher: Mama Bavaria rises from the pedestal

This should be exciting: When Clemens Baumgärtner, the head of the Wiesn, official title Speaker for Labour and Economy, not only talks about the balance to date, the economic significance of the Wiesn and how to organise the largest public festival in the world - but also about his personal highlights in his first year as head of the Wiesn. And when the "Mama Bavaria", as Luise Kinseher calls herself, rises from her pedestal and gives her own view of things when looking over the festival meadow - a guarantee of laughter! And in addition the Mama Bavaria tells Liesl Weapon how she remains fit and steadfast even after 7 years and what this has to do with the "Prostspenden".

Video: These are the "Prostspenden" 2019

Schottenhamel meets regular guest no. 1

Or when host speaker Christian Schottenhamel, in whose Schottenhamel festival hall the tapping takes place year after year, reports on how the traditional "O'zapft is" is done behind the scenes and how the different interests of 17 large tents on the Wiesn are moderated. Schottenhamel meets besides a guest, for the name Stammplatz applies to nobody else: The 76 year old, who sits for 60 years each day in the beer tent, is likewise to guest with approximately around the Wiesn live.

Beer etiquette, showmen, Münchner Kindl

More guests at Liesl Weapon in "Rund um die Live":

  • Sebastian Willenborg from the Riesenrad Willenborg about the history of the Riesenrad.
  • Otto Lindinger ("Bodo´s Cafézelt"), speaker of the Kleine Wiesnzelte, about the atmosphere in the small tents.
  • Veronika Ostler, Münchner Kindl, on tradition and modernity
  • Manfred Newrzella, Verein Münchner Brauereien, about beer on the Wiesn and the Bier-Knigge
  • Edmund Radlinger, spokesman for the Munich showmen, about the biggest attractions and special rides
  • Sarah Brandner, model, about seeing and being seen at the Wiesn

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