Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Gunnar Jans

"Rund um die Wiesn live" - this was the premiere

Oktoberfest celebrities in the Ferris wheel: "The Oktoberfest is my party"

It was a successful premiere: for the first time, oktoberfest.de broadcast a talk show live from the Oktoberfest on its Facebook channel - directly from the Ferris wheel. Moderator Liesl Weapon welcomed among others the "Mama Bavaria" Luise Kinseher, Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner, the speakers Christian Schottenhamel and Otto Lindinger as well as model Sarah Brandner.

Günter Werner, Christian Schottenhamel and Lajos Csery, Managing Directors of Portal München GmbH • Photo: Gunnar Jans

1. Drive: Schottenhamel meets most loyal regular guest

Festwirt Christian Schottenhamel organizes the official tapping in his tent every year, and consequently he also made the first round in the Ferris wheel - at his side his most loyal regular: Günter Werner - the 76-year-old, who has been sitting in the beer tent every day for 60 years.

Schottenhamel explained why his favourite day is not the day of the tap, but the last evening at the Oktoberfest. "Then there's the Bergwerk-Song, star throwers are lit, the light goes out. You can then say thank you to your employees and guests - and look forward to the next Wiesn again."

2. Drive: Wiesn boss Baumgärtner and his first Oktoberfest

For Clemens Baumgärtner, head of the Department of Labor and Economics, this is the first Oktoberfest as Oktoberfest boss - and he is particularly concerned about sustainability, as he explained at Liesl Weapon in the Ferris Wheel: "We use goods from organic farming, have eco-electricity and eco-gas from the municipal utilities, try to reduce the amount of residual waste and also use less plastic," says the Oktoberfest boss.

One thing makes him particularly happy: "You can see again this year that people enjoy coming to the Oktoberfest with their families and having fun. So it's a cross-generational celebration - with the Wiesn visitors of tomorrow."

Otto Lindinger, Sarah Brandner and Manfred Newrzella • Photo: Gunnar Jans

3. Where to meet Sarah Brandner and Otto Lindinger

For the third trip Liesl Weapon asked actress and model Sarah Brandner and Otto Lindinger, operator of Bodo's Cafézelt and spokesman for the small tents, to join her in the gondola - and the two got along splendidly at the first attempt: Otto invited Sarah right away into his Cafézelt - and she promised to come by in any case.

"I still like to remember my first visits to the Oktoberfest as a child with mum and dad, riding the Ferris wheel like today and then eating cotton candy," said the actress, a real Munich kid by the way. "Today I'm more in Schützenzelt and in the Käferzelt. Brandner, who also trained as a nutritionist, gave away her tips on "Oktoberfest-Detox" for next week: "No sugar, no alcohol and no wheat.

4. Drive: Manfred Newrzella and the beer of Munich

Beer is always a topic at the Oktoberfest and therefore Manfred Newrzella, Managing Director of the Munich Breweries Association, was the perfect partner to talk to about it in the gondola. "The Oktoberfest is the most important time for the Munich breweries, we prepare for it all year round," says Newrzella.

The Munich Breweries Association also organizes the Oide Wiesn: "Those who love tradition are in good hands at the Oidn Wiesn".

Liesl Weapon and Luise Kinseher • Photo: Gunnar Jans

5. Drive: Last round with Mama Bavaria

If you already ride the Ferris wheel on the Bavaria, then one person is perfectly suited for the degree: Mama Bavaria herself. "In the meantime, I have discovered my love for the Oktoberfest," Luise Kinseher said. Born in Niederbayern, she used to travel to the Gäuboden folk festival in Straubing.

"When I see the Trachtler today on the first Sunday, I love it so much that I can say: The Oktoberfest has also become my festival today". And of course Mama Bavaria also stands for tradition, so Kinseher likes to stroll over the Oide Wiesn. "I was particularly taken with the Herzkasperlzelt, which is probably the case with most artists," the cabaret artist added with a smile.

Here you can watch "Rund um die Wiesn live" again