Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Mónica Garduño

Oktoberfest tent owners present their mug for 2019

This is how the tent owners' mug for Oktoberfest looks like

A Bavaria, a lion and many colourful ribbons - these are the motifs of the tent owners' mug 2019. At Nockherberg, the tent owners' speakers Peter Inselkammer and Christian Schottenhamel presented their new mug. Designer Maximilian Fliessbach revealed what is behind the motif. What the landlords particularly praised about the design and what anniversary the hosts celebrate this year...
The tent owners` speakers Peter Inselkammer and Christian Schottenhamel and artist Maximilian Fliessbach The tent owners` speakers Peter Inselkammer and Christian Schottenhamel and artist Maximilian Fliessbach • Photo: Mónica Garduño

A strong Bavaria with lions and tents

"It is a very beautiful mug, with which we, the hosts of Oktoberfst, can all identify", said tent owners' speaker Peter Inselkammer, praising this year's motif of the mug. It shows a Bavaria in a red dress with a summer hat and a lion. A sign shows the insignia of the six Munich Oktoberfest breweries. Around them, colourful strips of tents of all host families of the big Oktoberfest tents shine.

Bavarian artist Maximilian Fliessbach is responsible for the design. His "strong Bavaria as Hop Queen" was appreciated by the hosts.

The tent owners The tent owners • Photo: Mónica Garduño

Colourful motif as a sign of cosmopolitanism

Christian Schottenhamel also praised the new motif: "I like the colourful design together with the Bavaria and the lion as traditional elements very much. For me, the colourful tent panels also symbolize the diversity and cosmopolitanism of the Wiesn." One detail particularly pleased the tent owners' speaker: The host family Schottenhamel runs the oldest tent on the Oktoberfest - on the signs at the head of the multicolored courses the year of the first mention of the festival tent is readable. For Schottenhamel tent this was already 1867.

Designer Maximilian Fliessbach Designer Maximilian Fliessbach • Photo: Mónica Garduño

A piece of Munich to go - the collector's mug

Schottenhamel stressed: "Our mug is by no means in competition with the mug presented by the city of munich - the mugs complement each other wonderfully. Every collector should put both on his shelf." The official beer mug of the city of Munich as organizer of the Oktoberfest will be presented later.

You can buy the beer mug during the Oktoberfest in the tents of the owners. The saison of Oktoberfest starts with the presentation of the mug for the tent owners: The 186th Oktoberfest starts on 21.9. and ends on 6.10.

20 years Wiesn-foundation - how the tent owners help

In addition to the presentation of the new mug, the landlords had another reason to celebrate: the "Munich Wiesn-foundation" is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. For two decades, the tent owners have been committed to helping poor Munich residents - and have supported social institutions with 725,000 Euro.

The first aid went to the Münchner Tafel, which at the time was supported with 25,000 Euro to buy a van. As last year, the tent owners also want to support Liesl Weapon's "Prostspenden" campaign for the Münchner Tafel. "We also make sure that as little food as possible is thrown away - luckily our beers are usually drunk," explained Inselkammer. This year, eleven organisations have already been supported with 71,000 Euro. The commitment to needy children, young people and senior citizens is a special concern of the tent owners.