Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

The Oktoberfest landlords want to strengthen the protection of minors

Oktoberfest landlords plan youth protection inspections

Commitment to the protection of minors: After a well-known radio station carried out a test in which a few young people under the age of 16 were given beer in some tents, the Oktoberfest landlords expressed their great regret. The landlords speakers emphasize that youth protection is an important topic for them and announce which steps they are now planning...

Protection of minors has priority at personnel briefing

The fact that in the test a few young people under the age of 16 were given beer in some tents was an unnecessary mistake, says host spokesman Peter Inselkammer: "The protection of minors is right at the top of the list at every personnel briefing. All service employees are urged to check exactly how old the young people are". This is explicitly anchored in the employment contracts. An offence against the conditions of the protection of minors is usually punished with a warning to the service employee and in case of repetition even with a dismissal.

Landlords speakers decide on package of measures

Therefore Inselkammer and his speaker colleague Christian Schottenhamel do not want to let the test result stand like this. The host speaker emphasizes: "Protection of minors is a very important concern for us". Therefore the landlords work already on intensified measures. Schottenhamel explains: We are in close contact with the youth welfare department and discussed internally a whole bundle at measures, so that our personnel pay attention still better.

What is concretely planned

And what could this look like? New flyers in the tent in the Festival Tent Schottenhamel, for example, will make the protection of minors even clearer in future. In addition, Inselkammer announces: "In order to avoid such mistakes by individual service employees, we will now introduce anonymous controls in the tent from our side".

At what age is it allowed to go into a beer tent?

The beer tents on the Oktoberfest are legally regarded as restaurants. The same therefore applies to the stay in beer tents as for restaurants: Under 16 years of age, the stay is only permitted in the company of a person with custody or a person responsible for education. Beer consumption in Bavaria is also only permitted from the age of 16. From 20 o'clock one must be at least 16 years old, in order to be allowed to stay on the Festwiese without parents...