Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

The official Oktoberfest newsticker

Live: The Oktoberfest News in the Ticker

You don't want to miss any important news and information about the Oktoberfest 2019? Then here we have the official Oktoberfest-Newsticker for you - the best of each day in the overview.

Important at the Oktoberfest:

Sunday, 18 o'clock: So spectacular was the firecracker shooting

The Oktoberfest starts immediately after the tapping with firecrackers and ends traditionally 16 days later with a lot of noise: 60 shooters on the steps of the Bavaria ring in the farewell of the Oktoberfest 2019.

Read here which celebrities were there this time!

• Photo: Paulaner

Sunday, 4 p.m. FC Bayern visits Wiesn

Hungover mood among the stars of FC Bayern before the first beer: After the 1:2 defeat against Hoffenheim, the traditional Oktoberfest visit becomes a rather quiet event. Nevertheless, Thomas Müller & Co. are having a good time at Käfer, according to the motto: "Schwoamas obi!" Reactions and pictures.

• Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Sunday, 2 p.m.: The official Wiesn balance

"It was a very nice Wiesn. A total work of art!" Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner was very satisfied with the first Oktoberfest in his term of office and praised "the high quality. We don't need records".
How many visitors came in 2019, how many litres were drunk? Read our final report for the Oktoberfest 2019 including the balance of police and ambulance service?

Sunday, 10 am: melancholy on the last Oktoberfest day

Unfortunately, the day has come when we have to say goodbye to the Oktoberfest in 2019. But we are still looking forward to an atmospheric Sunday!

You can read all about the big sweep here!

Saturday, 14 o'clock: "Prostspenden" also works after the Oktoberfest

Drink a measure, donate one euro - that is the motto of Prostspenden, a campaign by Munich cabaret artist Liesl Weapon in favor of the Münchner Tafel.

Here Liesl Weapon declares everything to be the 2019 campaign.

Saturday, 12 o'clock: Here you can redeem your stamps after the Wiesn

Even with committed Oktoberfest walkers, one or the other Beer or Hendl brand remains after the festival - but then they are far from worthless!

Here you can find out where you can redeem the stamps!

Friday, 17 o'clock: OB Reiter chooses the WiesnGentleman

From a helpful Oktoberfest visitor to an ambassador for help and peaceful celebrations at the Oktoberfest: Lord Mayor Reiter names Peter B. the official "WiesnGentleman 2019" on the balcony of the Käfer Wiesn-Schänke.

You can read all about the award here!

Friday, 16 o'clock: The crazy world journey of the Käfer cow

In 2018, a decorative plastic cow is stolen in the beetle tent - and returned in 2019. What happens in between is one of the most curious stories of this year's Wiesn.

Read here, where the cow was everywhere in the meantime!

Thursday, 19 hrs: Tradition lives on in the crossbow tent

Schuhplattler, Goaßlschnalzer, crossbow shooting and the first sheep head tournament in a marquee!

This is how customs are celebrated in the crossbow rifle tent - read on!

Thursday, 5:00 p.m.: "Around the Wiesn live" missed? No problem!

For the first time, oktoberfest.de broadcast a talk show live from the Wiesn on its Facebook channel - directly from the Ferris wheel. Moderator Liesl Weapon welcomed among others the "Mama Bavaria" Luise Kinseher, Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner, the landlord speakers Christian Schottenhamel and Otto Lindinger as well as model Sarah Brandner.

Here you can watch the talk as often as you like!

Thursday, 15 o'clock: Oktoberfest fan Usain Bolt is back again

Party tourist, sprint pensioner and Munich fan Usain Bolt didn't miss his visit to Wiesn in 2019 either.

You can read where he met whom here!

Thursday, 14 o'clock: Mama Bavaria reveals her Wiesn secrets

Luise Kinseher is known far beyond Bavaria's borders as "Mama Bavaria" vom Nockherberg - and of course the cabaret artist loves the Wiesn.

She tells her favourite ritual, her very first memories of Wiesn and how one manages (almost) not to put on weight despite enjoying beer. (German)

Wednesday: Premiere of "Rund um die Wiesn live" today at 5 p.m.

With cabaret artist Liesl Weapon, straight from the Ferris wheel: Today at 5 p.m. you can watch the premiere of the new talk format "Rund um die Wiesn live" on our Facebook page. Among others "Mama Bavaria" Luise Kinseher.

Everything else you need to know about "Rund um die Wiesn live" you can read here!

Wednesday, 13 o'clock: How to stay fit for the Oktoberfest

Especially when the weather is not quite so sunny, the risk of getting the well-known Wiesn flu increases. If you're clever, you'll of course prevent it.

Read here what you can do to stay fit for the Wiesn!

Together they bring more than 475 years of Wiesn experience: Eight Oktoberfest anniversaries were honoured for their many years of loyalty.

You can read who else was there here!

Tuesday, 16:00: Oktoberfest brings record number of visitors to Munich airport

Munich Airport is usually busy - but now the airport has set a new record: More travellers than ever before arrived on Friday, September 29, 2019.

Read here how many visitors were counted thanks to the Oktoberfest!

The campaign "Sichere Wiesn für Mädchen und Frauen" will be even better received this year. However, this has nothing to do with an increase in incidents, but above all with improved perception.

Here you can read how the campaign has developed in the meantime!

Absolutely clear: The Oktoberfest is a place of tolerance, respect and diversity - where the most diverse people celebrate peacefully together. All this is symbolized by the rainbow flag that blows over the festival grounds.

You can read what the Wiesn boss has to say here!

Monday, 18h: 50 children eat on the Mittagswiesn

A special afternoon for children who would otherwise not be able to experience the Wiesn so easily: At the invitation of the Roiderer family, 50 kids were allowed to eat and drink in the Hacker tent.

What else the kids have experienced, you can read here!

Schottenhamel festival tent Schottenhamel festival tent • Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Monday, 17 o'clock: Controls for the protection of minors planned

The Oktoberfest landlords are committed to the protection of minors! Since beer was served to young people under the age of 16 in some marquees, the innkeepers are planning age controls in the future.

Which concrete measures for the protection of young festival tent visitors are planned, you read here

Craftsman monday at Festzelt Tradition Craftsman monday at Festzelt Tradition • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Monday, 12 noon: Craftsman Monday on the Oide Wiesn

In the past there was a "Mason Monday", today carpenters, painters, plumbers or roofers - in other words: all craftsmen - get a Weißwurst breakfast for free in the Festzelt Tradition.

You can read here what this beautiful tradition is all about and who we met today at the Oidn Wiesn.

Monday, 11 o'clock: Honour for the supporters from Europe

Because the Oktoberfest is known to be an international festival with guests from all over the world, the police, fire brigade and paramedics also reinforce their forces during the Wiesn with partners from all over Europe.

Meanwhile there are some amazing anniversaries to celebrate - read for yourself!

Sunday, 16 h: The official half-time balance sheet

Almost summer temperatures, 3.3 million guests, satisfied showmen and culinary delights - that is the conclusion at halftime of the Oktoberfest.

Here you can see the most interesting facts and information at a glance!

Sunday, 14 o'clock: Enchanting square concert at the Bavaria

The traditional square concert of the Wiesn chapels - a very special event this year. At "Unter der Bavaria" about 300 musicians will play under the direction of Alois Altmann and prominent guest conductors.

Who took the baton in his hand, you can read here!

Sunday, 12 o'clock: Barack Obama doesn't come to the Oktoberfest

Although Barack Obama bought leather trousers for Bits & Pretzels during his visit to Munich, he didn't want to show them at the Oktoberfest. It looks like the Obama leather trousers can only be seen in the family circle.

You can read more about Barack Obama in Munich here!

Friday, 15:00: EURO 2020 mascot Skillzy makes visit

The EURO 2020 is only one year away - Munich is the only German venue for the tournament, which will take place in 12 countries.

You can read what the official mascot Skillzy experienced on the Oktoberfest here!

Friday, 13 h: Important award for the Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel

One Oktoberfest for everyone! This is the motto of the Willenborg family from the Giant Ferris Wheel.

Therefore the traditional exhibitor received the plaque "Bayern barrierefrei".

Exciting insights: From Friday, 12 noon, the Oktoberfest police will twitter live for 12 hours.

Here you can find out everything you need to know!

Thursday, 4 p.m.: When the marquee becomes a church

A moment of silence in the hustle and bustle of the Oktoberfest: Hundreds of locals and guests from the city came together in the Marstall to celebrate an ecumenical Wiesn service.

Even three children were baptized - read the whole story here!

Thursday, 15:00: Commemoration of the victims of the 1980 Oktoberfest attack

39 years ago the terrible attack took place at the main entrance of the Oktoberfest. Today, the victims were remembered in a dignified ceremony.

Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter also took part in the commemoration as keynote speaker. (German)

Thursday, 13 h: An unbelievable Oktoberfest anniversary

Going to the Oktoberfest every day - that alone is a sporting challenge, especially if one or the other measure plays along. Going to the Oktoberfest every day for 60 years: Well, that can be called a life's work.

Günter Werner did exactly that - Oktoberfest for life!

Thursday, 11 a.m.: How the FC Bayern celebrated at the Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is of course also a highlight for the stars of FC Bayern Munich - especially for the entrances.

Read here how superstar Coutinho celebrated in the Käfer tent!

Wednesday, 17 o'clock: Honour for the old exhibitors

The Oktoberfest grows and lives with the people who have often accompanied it for decades: For the second time, the "Altschausteller-Stammtisch" took place in the Marstall - a meeting point for those who helped shape the Oktoberfest.

What the Wiesn boss had to say to the showmen, you can read here!

Wednesday, 14 h: The TSV 1860 on the Oktoberfest - and with stadium news

The TSV 1860 has made its traditional Wiesn visit to the Hacker festival tent. Even if they're on a mediocre run, there was a lot going on...

Because there are hot news where the lions will play football in the future! (German)

Wednesday, 12 o'clock: Police's first e-scooter review

The use of e-scooters around the Oktoberfest was a hot topic before the festival.

Now the police present the evaluation of the first weekend.

Petra Reiter, Gabriele Neff and Karin Seehofer Petra Reiter, Gabriele Neff and Karin Seehofer care for children • Photo: Sebastian Liebrandt

Tuesday, 17h: Oktoberfest Day for disadvantaged children

Petra Reiter and Karin Seehofer make Wiesn wishes for children come true: because social commitment and the Oktoberfest go hand in hand.

Read here how the children experienced this special day! (German)

Tuesday, 15 h: 1000 preschool children on the Oktoberfest

The Bavaria, if she could, would have put a radiant smile on her face: 1000 preschoolers stood at their feet for a photo on Tuesday. For many of the children it was their first visit to the meadow.

You can read what they experienced here!

Tuesday, 13 o'clock: 3,700 Euro lost - and got back

After his shift, a Wiesnkellner allows himself a drink - and then falls asleep in the subway. What he doesn't notice is that his purse of 3,700 euros is suddenly missing...

Read here how he got his wallet back!

Jutta Speidel Jutta Speidel • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Tuesday, 10 a.m.: Celebrities at the crossbows

Jutta Speidel has a big heart. At the crossbow shooting of the BMW branch office in Munich in the shooting hall of the Armbrustschützenzelt she got one more - for 3rd place. DJ John Jürgens, Timothy Peach, Michaela May and former head of the Wiesn Josef Schmid also tried their luck at the shooting ranges.

Here you can learn more about the shooting tradition in the Armbrustschützenzelt.

Monday, 17 o'clock: "Wiesn mit Herz" for 1300 Citizens

The Oktoberfest should be there for everyone - even for those who cannot afford a visit. That's why there's the "Wiesn mit Herz" campaign. On Monday, 1300 socially disadvantaged people were allowed to eat lunch at the Wiesn.

250 guests were welcomed by mayor Dieter Reiter in the Schottenhamel.

Monday, 16 h: 150 years Schichtl

An Oktoberfest institution is 150 years old - read here, how the round birthday is celebrated at the Schichtl!

Five tents that purchase their products from the region have now been awarded the title "Excellent Bavarian Festival Tent" by the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture and the Hotel and Restaurant Association.

Read here which tents are involved!

• Photo: Edition Sportiva

Sure: For the more or less known people of this world the Käfer Almauftrieb is a must date. Here you can see who was there this year!

Stars and starlets in the Käfer tent.

Monday, 12 noon: How Arnold Schwarzenegger rocked the Marstall

The intimate relationship between ex-governor, bodybuilder and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger is well known - that's why his visit to Wiesn this year is not necessarily a surprise in itself. But one thing is clear: He liked it very much once again - the "Terminator" put on a good show on stage in the Marstall.

You can read more about Schwarzenegger's visit to the Oktoberfest here.

Traditional costume parade Traditional costume parade • Photo: Jan Saurer

Sunday, 7 p.m.: Traditional costume parade

The first Wiesnsonntag was completely about tradition:

In the morning the big traditional costume parade took place with 9,000 participants from all over the world. Here are the pictures and a video.

Across the city centre of Munich the participants went to the Oktoberfest - and the crossbow guild "Winzerer Fähndl" into their tent.
Here you can watch the spectacle!

Impressions of the Oktoberfest Impressions of the Oktoberfest • Photo: Rico Güttich

Sunday, 22 September, 15 a.m.: One million visitors at the Oktoberfest kick-off

The one million mark was already cracked on the first weekend, as the Department of Labor and Economics estimates. By comparison, the number of visitors in 2018 was around 800,000.

The 186th Oktoberfest started with bright sunshine and a white-blue sky, so that the beer gardens were also well utilised. The guests were relaxed and in a good mood, and people from Munich celebrated with guests from Asia and Eastern European countries, from the USA and Spain.

And the guests were really hungry: 11 oxen were already eaten on the first Oktoberfest weekend. The landlords, market merchants and showmen also speak of an "optimal start". The novelties like "Poseidon", "Bayern Tower" or the Virtual Reality adventure train "Dr. Archibald" were very well received. And there was also a lot going on on the Oidn Wiesn - especially the new historical bowling alley in front of the museum tent was a big hit.

Sunday, 12 o'clock: Thomas Gottschalk rocked the Marstall festival tent!

On late Saturday evening there was a surprise guest on stage in the Marstall: Thomas Gottschalk took over the mic and air guitar: Rockin' all over the Wiesn!

Oktoberfest.de was there: watch the video of Tommy's performance!

Felix Neureuther live on stage Felix Neureuther live on stage • Photo: Sebastian Liebrandt

Saturday, 8 p.m.: Felix Neureuther performs at Weinzelt

After his skiing career Felix Neureuther is now on other boards and delivers a candidate for the Wiesnhit 2019:

Watch his performance with "Weiterziehn" in the Weinzelt in the video!

O'zapft is! O'zapft is! • Photo: Michael Nagy/Presseamt München

Saturday, 15 o'clock: This is how the Oktoberfest of Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter runs

Of course the Oktoberfest is a very special event for Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter again this year.
Here he reveals how many dates he has to complete - and how many lederhosen he wears.

O'zapft is! O'zapft is! • Photo: Rico Güttich

Saturday, 12 noon: O'zapft is!

At 12 o'clock on the dot the time had finally arrived: It took OB Dieter Reiter just two strokes to tap the first barrel of Wiesnbier in the Schottenhamel-Festhalle. Cheers and to a peaceful Wiesn! This is how the tap was in 2019

The parade of the landlords The parade of the landlords • Photo: Mónica Garduño

Saturday at 11: The parade of the landlords

What a great start! In perfect weather, the landlords moved to the Theresienwise with their carriagese. Right at the front: The "Münchner Kindl" and Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter.

Click here for the pictures