Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Poster competition has started

The Oktoberfest poster competition is looking for the Wiesn motif 2020

It's an exciting question every year: What will the official Oktoberfest poster look like? The poster competition for the Wiesn 2020 has begun today - anyone can submit designs online, from which the official poster will then be determined in several phases. How the competition works and how you can take part.

A poster competition with a long tradition

Everything has a tradition at the Wiesn, including the Oktoberfest poster competition - the City of Munich has been offering it since 1952. For some years now, there has been an online competition in cooperation with Portal München GmbH - of course again this year. Since today everyone can submit a draft for the official Oktoberfest poster 2020 at this website. This so-called upload phase lasts until 19 November at midnight - then it's time to get down to business.

An audience and the expert jury make the decision

The submission phase is followed by an audience voting, in which users pick the 30 best entries from all the entries. A jury of experts then makes the final decision and chooses the Wiesn Poster 2020. Of course, there is also something to be won: the winner of the 1st prize receives 2,500 euros, the runner-up receives 1,250 euros and the third place 500 euros.

Winner advertises on posters and licensed articles for the Oktoberfest

By the way, the design that wins the race at the end is not only to be seen on the official Oktoberfest poster, but also on the Internet and on numerous licensed articles for the largest folk festival in the world. So: Join in and submit your design!

Take part in the poster competition here