Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

The Wiesn paramedics are ready to go

First aid at the Oktoberfest: The Wiesn Hospital

For the second time, the Aicher Ambulanz Union is responsible for the medical care of visitors at the Oktoberfest 2019. Around 600 paramedics and 30 doctors take care of the injured and sick.
One of two operating theatres One of two operating theatres • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

800 square meters, six rooms, up to 70 patients

"We could start tomorrow," says Peter Aicher, founder and managing director of the Aicher Ambulanz Union. He’s pride of his small „Wiesn hospital“. The medical station behind the Schottenhamel festival hall is 800 square metres in size and has a total of six rooms for the treatment and monitoring of patients; there is a large rest room and a shock room plus two fully equipped operating theatres. Around 600 paramedics and helpers come from all over Germany, Austria and Italy to Munich. Together with 30 doctors, they take care of people who are suddenly no longer feeling so well while celebrating or taking the rides.

First aid is ready to go First aid is ready to go • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

From cuts to alcohol poisoning to heart attacks

"Alcohol intoxications,“- not particularly surprising that they occur from time to time on the Wiesn. But there are also cuts, often on women's feet, which are stuck in unsuitable footwear. That's why Dr. Philipp Kampmann, the chief physician, recommends robust, sturdy shoes for girls and women. Sometimes, also a heart attack or other serious illness has to be treated, Peter Aicher knows - which has nothing to do with the Wiesn, however, but can happen anywhere.

Peter Aicher and Patrick Schönfelder are explaining the stretchers Peter Aicher and Patrick Schönfelder are explaining the stretchers • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

What's new at the medical station in 2019?

The experiences of 2018 were evaluated and the blue stretchers for the transport of patients were upgraded: They’re now rolling on solid rubber tyres, making transport more comfortable for the patients and pushing easier for the paramedics, especially on the gravel roads off the main roads on the Theresienwiese. The teams at the stretchers are now precisely located by GPS and the emergency control system immediately records the relatives of patients so that no one loses sight of them. On average, it only takes four and a half minutes from the emergency call to the arrival of a medical team. With over 300,000 square meters of Oktoberfest: smart performance.