Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

The Wiesnstiftung donates almost 100,000 euros

OB Reiter hands over cheques to 18 Munich projects

The Wiesnwirte show a heart for the people of Munich: Together with the hosts of the tents and the Munich breweries, Lord Mayor Reiter hands over 18 cheques of the Munich Wiesnstiftung to organisations that look after children and young people, but also the elderly, the sick and their relatives.
OB Reiter, Andreas Steinfatt (Munich Breweries), Wiggerl Hagn and Peter Inselkammer OB Dieter Reiter, Andreas Steinfatt (Munich Breweries), Wiggerl Hagn and Peter Inselkammer • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Almost 100,000 euros for 18 social institutions in Munich

"Together with the Munich breweries and the Stadtsparkasse, we support social institutions with our Wiesnstiftung," says host spokesman Peter Inselkammer of the Armbrustschützenzelt, explaining the mission of the Munich Wiesnstiftung. "This year we are awarding 97,991 euros to 18 institutions, thereby supporting many great projects for Munich residents who are not doing so well. 
Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter is also present and presents cheques to social projects: "I am extremely grateful that the landlords and breweries run this foundation. As a city, we cannot always freely allocate money for social projects because of many regulations".

For about 20 years, the Wiesnstiftung has been showing a heart for Munich

This commitment on the part of the tent landlords and breweries is not a one-off event, but has been taking place for 20 years and will continue in the future: "If the Wiesn runs well, then it will also run well for the foundation", Peter Inselkammer is pleased to say.
Without long bureaucratic ways, uncomplicatedly and fast the Wiesnstiftung helps, an application for promotion can place associations and social projects with the regional office Munich of the German donation center.

Various social projects, great commitment

The diversity of the 18 sponsored associations and projects is exciting. With the help of volunteers, many of them are involved in helping children and young people, whether they are socially disadvantaged, severely disabled, traumatised or seriously ill. But they also help the relatives of dementia patients, the homeless and Hartz IV recipients. At Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. Munich, for example, the "Wednesday Table" is supported, where women on low incomes receive a joint lunch every week for 1.50 euros - including many contacts and the use of PCs with Internet access. There are well-known associations like the Münchner Tafel or the Klinik Clowns, but also projects like "Ich will da rauf e.V." ("I wanna go up"), where disabled and non-disabled people go climbing together.

5,000 euros for a Munich primary school Peter Inselkammer donates 5,000 euros to a primary school • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Focus: Helping children and young people from Munich

The Wiesnwirte and the breweries support among others the foundation Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München, brotZeit e.V., which takes care of breakfast for schoolchildren and Spielen in der Stadt (Playing in the city) e.V. The primary school at the Stielerstraße near the Theresienwiese is also supported. Peter Inselkammer was happy to present the cheque personally, "that's the Wiesn-Schule, because of the location, so we're especially happy if we can support it financially". This year pupils were "trained" as mini helpers for assignments in the schoolyard: with plasters, bandages and lots of consolation. Peter Inselkammer: "We also have a need for this at the Wiesn."