Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: M. Heitmann

These are the new rides at the Oktoberfest 2019

This year you can look forward to these Wiesn attractions

Up in the sky or wild and daring: every year there are great new rides and offers on the Oktoberfest. Today, Clemens Baumgärtner, head of the Department for work and economy, presented this year's innovations. We can tell you one thing: The eight new attractions have it all! We introduce them to you...

1. Dr. Archibald – Master of Time

The first portable adventure track supported by virtual reality technology - sounds exciting, doesn't it? Novelty no. 1 has the mysterious name "Dr. Archibald - Master of Time". The VR adventure track is sort of a ghost train and makes you part of a wicked search in a dilapidated museum. With the VR glasses, the Oculus Rift, you dive into a virtual 360-degree world - including dinosaurs, futuristic cities and obstacle courses.

2. Chain Flyer Bayern Tower

The Bayern Tower (Bavaria Tower) is a must for passengers who are not afraid of heights - and a real adrenalin boost: the oversized steel maypole lets you float through the Bavarian sky in 16 two-seater gondolas at a height of 90 metres. On a sightseeing flight with a speed of up to 65 kilometres per hour you can enjoy the view far into the Bavarian countryside.

3. Heidi – The Coaster

What's new for roller coaster fans is "Heidi - The Coaster" - on 430 meters of track you'll be rocked through. It's a fast thrill right from the start: With a booster lift the gondolas are catapulted up the elevator hill to a height of 13 meters and immediately after the first descent the roller coaster has to offer an upswinging curve. By the way, your courage will be rewarded: the beautiful Heidi will "comment" on your ride and also has photos ready.

4. Kinzlers Pirateninsel

There is also a new "Family Coaster" for children this year - and it looks like a pirate island! From the age of six, little guests can already ride on the family roller coaster. Heavy curves as well as highs and lows on two floors like for adults are waiting here. And in the unique pirate style you almost feel like in "Pirates of the Caribbean".

5. Spinning Racer

Are you one of those passengers who really like to be shaken up? Then the brand new "Spinning Racer" is your ride. In eight four-seater cars rotating through a 424 meter long rail network, the passengers sit "back to back" in bucket seats. The torques constantly cause unexpected turns in dizzying heights, tightest curves and extreme steep slopes. Highlight: The 180-degree turn, inspired by aerobatic manoeuvres...

Münchner Ski Party Münchner Ski Party • Photo: Karl Haesler

6. Münchner Ski Party

A real fun awaits you in the colourful amusement shop "Münchner Ski Party" (Munich ski party). A rotating glass maze, vibration and folding floors, a rubber rope obstacle course, a fountain tunnel and a wobbly bridge speak for themselves. Sure, at a proper ski party you can't miss a snow cannon. Of course, this business is also quite enjoyable for the spectators!

7. Poseidon

Let the water flow! In the new adventure wild water ride "Poseidon. In the realm of the gods" 13 boats on a length of 320 meters, 250 meters of them in the water, drive through a Greek temple ruin. It may be antique from the outside - from the inside it is quite modern, according to the owner, "one of the largest mobile large whitewater rides". Water splashes, fountains, fire bowls with real flames - you will miss nothing here.

8. Photo studio „Be Marilyn“

Everybody knows the famous photo from the Billy Wild movie "The Seven Year Itch", in which Marilyn Monroe's wide white pleated skirt is whirled up by the exhaust air of the subway shaft. You want to try the "Monroe effect" for yourself? In the photo studio "Be Marilyn" not only Dirndl carriers are invited to the funny photo shooting as "Volksfest Marilyn". The participation in the Shooting is free and to no obligation bound. Of course you can buy the pictures.