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The Oktoberfest lost and found office is now closed

This is what happens with the lost and found items

The Wiesn 2019 is over! Since the deconstruction work is taking place since monday at the Theresienwiese, the Oktoberfest lost and found office is now closed, too. Until now not all of the lost items could be given back to their owners. We tell you what is now going to happen with them.

It's still possible to pick up lost items

Don't worry: Of course you can still pick up your lost belongings after the Oktoberfest lost and found office shut its doors for this year. You just have to go to another adress and be a bit patient. On October 7th there was the last possibility to visit the lost and found office at the Theresienwiese and search for his lost items there. Since October 9th the items that were not yet collected are transported to the main lost and found office of the City of Munich. Once they arrived there they get inventoried and stored. After this procedure you can once again try to find you lost belongings between November 11th and January 24th. The main office is located at Oetztaler Straße 19 in Munich-Sendling.

More information can be found here

3778 lost items at the Wiesn 2019

A shower head in its original packaging, a set of teeth, a wedding ring and a kitchen sieve: Except from those not daily curiosities the most lost items were smartphones (420), passports (780) and clothings (690). If there is a possibility to identify the owners without a doubt, then they will get contacted after the oktoberfest automatically. The items of visitors from foreign countries will be sent to their home communities, embassies or consulates.

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