Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

You got any Oktoberfest stamps left?

Until when can you still redeem the Oktoberfest vouchers

You got any beer and food stamps left from the Oktoberfest? No problem, after all you can still redeem them in the Munich inns. But you shouldn't wait too long.

How long the stamps from the tents are still valid

The Oktoberfest is over and suddenly food and beer stamps appear in the Lederhosen or in the Trachtenjanker. Fortunately, you can still redeem them in some of Munich's inns. But now you have to hurry a bit, because most stamps are only valid until the end of October or the end of November, depending on the tent. We have put together a list here of how long the stamps from the festival tents can still be exchanged:

  • Armbrustschützen-Festzelt: Until 31.10.2019
  • Augustiner-Festhalle: Until 1.11.2019
  • Bräurosl: Until 17.11.2019
  • Festzelt Tradition: until 30.11.2019
  • Fischer Vroni: Until 18.11.2019
  • Hacker Festhalle: Until 30.11.2019 - not on Sundays and public holidays
  • Herzkasperlzelt: Until 31.10.2019
  • Hofbräu-Festzelt: until 30.10.2019
  • Käfer's Wiesn-Schänke: Until 31.12.2019
  • Löwenbräu Festhalle: Until 22.11.2019
  • Marstall Festzelt: Until 31.10.2019
  • Ochsenbraterei: 17.11.2019 and from 02.01. until 29.03.2020
  • Paulaner Festhalle: Until 15.11.2019
  • Schottenhamel Festival Hall: Until 31.10.2019
  • Schützen Festhalle: Until 31.10.2019
  • Weinzelt: Until 31.10.2019

Where you can exchange the respective stamps, we have summarized here