Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Liebrandt

Former ski star Felix Neureuther at the Weinzelt

Will "Weiterziehn" become this year's Oktoberfest hit?

At first it was just an April fool's joke - now this year's Wiesnhit could be the result! "Weiterziehn" by former sports star Felix Neureuther, hat taken the Oktoberfest beer tents by storm - now he even wants to perform there live.

From ski racer to pop star

What does a ski racer who has won just about everything do after his career is over? Felix Neureuther surprised his fans this spring with his transformation into a pop star. His song "Weiterziehn" was created in cooperation with the radio station Antenne Bayern and was released on April 1st. For an April fool's joke the song went through the ceiling. The second place in the Austrian download charts and the second place in the German iTunes charts: The song has potential. Is it enough for this year's Wiesnhit? Neureuther put the test to the test and performed "Weiterziehn" live at the Wiesn on Saturday.

Kuffler & Neureuther: Singing landlord welcomes singing ski star

Neureuther was presented by Stephan Kuffler, the boss of the "Weinzelt" who not only likes to grab the microphone during the Wiesn himself and cover rock songs. "I broke my leg at the skier's last but one winter. Today we have one with us who can do it much better than I can. And he can still sing", the singing host greeted the singing ski star.

And then the former athlet took over the microphone on the house box stage in the full tent. "Servus Weinzelt", called Neureuther from the stage. "Servus Felix", the guests called back from the box. And then he started - until it literally said: "Keep moving!"

Standing ovations. The reactions of the visitors leave no doubt: The Wiesn-Fans love Felix. And his song.