Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
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Electric scooters at the Oktoberfest

What E-Scooter drivers have to consider during the Oktoberfest

They are the latest trend on Munich's streets: E-Scooters. But during the Oktoberfest, stricter rules also apply to all scooter riders around the Theresienwiese. What you have to pay attention to during the Oktoberfest period.

No E-Scooters on the Oktoberfest

Driving to the Oktoberfest with the E-Scooter, or scooting home after partying instead of taking an expensive taxi - sounds tempting at first. But during the Oktoberfest, as an E-Scooter driver, you'll have to pay attention to a few things. On the one hand, from 21 September to 6 October, there are generally stricter traffic regulations around the Theresienwiese. E-Scooters are only allowed to drive up to the „Mittlerer Sperrring“, on the event area itself any vehicles - including bicycles and inline skates - are prohibited. You can find the whole plan here as PDF:

Traffic regulations for the Oktoberfest 2019 (PDF, in German)

Where to park your E-Scooter

The question of whether and where you may park your E-Scooter during the Oktoberfest is currently being clarified by the district administration department (KVR) together with the Munich police and scooter suppliers, among others. The KVR wants to announce the exact rules for this in good time before the Oktoberfest, according to KVR spokesman Johannes Mayer.

What is the alcohol limit on the scooter?

Another important topic: alcohol on the handlebars. In the first weeks after the introduction of the e-scooters, the Munich police registered a large number of drunken scooter drivers. KVR is also concerned about this: "Anyone who does something like this endangers themselves and others. And under certain circumstances he may jeopardize his driving licence," says Mayer. The alcohol limits are equal for electric scooters as to driving a car: From 0.5 per mil alcohol it is an administrative offence, from 1.1 it is a criminal offence. Also, it is forbidden to drive with several persons on an E-Scooter. So in case of doubt after your visit to the Oktoberfest it's better to drive home with a taxi or the public ones - the electric scooters still exist after the Oktoberfest!

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