Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

The Heide family gives up the Bräurosl tent

Why the Heides won't be applying to the Wiesn anymore

The Heide family is saying goodbye to the Oktoberfest after 83 years and will no longer apply to run the Bräurosl tent. According to the company, the intention is to restructure and realign the restaurant in Planegg, a suburb of Munich. More reasons for the farewell, how the Heide-Volm will continue and what Paulaner boss Steinfatt says – in an emotional video statement.

After 83 years of Bräurosl: No application for the Wiesn 2021

Farewell to the largest folk festival in the world: The Heide family announced they will not be applying to run the Bräurosl at the 2021 Oktoberfest. "Mind games about a reorientation have been going on for some months now," said Daniela Heide during a press conference. The family's Oktoberfest tradition goes back to 1936, when great-grandfather Georg Heide took over Bräurosl at the Oktoberfest for an initial period of three years. After the Second World War, the Pschorr beer tent was back at Theresienwiese in 1951, and was later taken over by Willy Heide – who, by the way, initiated the traditional concert at the Bavaria statue and was also the spokesman for the Oktoberfest hosts for many years.

Georg Heide Georg Heide • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Georg Heide: "The Wiesn was our life"

Georg Heide, who took over the tent with his wife, Renate in 2001, also looks back a little wistfully: "The decision was not easy for us to make, but we made it together as a family. The Oktoberfest was our life, we have had beautiful experiences there and we are grateful for it". The last trigger for the Wiesn was the Corona virus outbreak, the family says. Even if the Oktoberfest had been cancelled in time, there would be no income from 2020. Without sufficient insurance cover (which would probably no longer be available in the event of a pandemic), the risk for the family would be too high. One could not imagine a reasonable meaasure for a marquee with 6,500 seats.

Reorientation: Focus on Heide Volm, the main company

Together with husband Pascal, Daniela Heide now wants to concentrate on the main restaurant in Planegg and realign it: The big hall will be torn down, the small one closed. The former large restaurant is to become a cosy gem in the Würmtal.
"We want to be an inn and beer garden for young families," says Daniela Heide, who took over responsibility of the Bräurosl together with the family in 2013.

Video: Paulaner boss Andreas Steinfatt says "thank you" to the Heide family

Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr boss Andreas Steinfatt was speechless when he heard about the decision of the Bräurosl hosts. In an emotional video statement, he thanked the Heide family for years of successful cooperation and looked back on the most beautiful moments – such as the joint carriage rides when the Wiesn hosts moved in or the traditional farewell on the last Sunday of the Oktoberfest together with Lord Mayor Reiter.