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Roland Hefter, Clemens Baumgärtner and Monika Gruber for a good cause

Donation campaign: The "Koa Wiesn" shirt 2020

After the Wiesn jug was sold out so quickly, the "Koa Wiesn" shirt is now available for a good cause. Here you can find out where all the proceeds will go and what the t-shirt looks like when worn by German comedian Monika Gruber...

All proceeds will be donated

In cooperation with the Munich singer-songwriter and city councillor Roland Hefter, another fundraising campaign has now been created in addition to the "Koa Wiesn" jug, namely the "Koa Wiesn" shirt. In Bavarian dialect, "Koa Wiesn" means simply "No Oktoberfest". The T-shirt features Munich's symbolic figure, the Münchner Kindl, along with the signature "Schau ma moi, dann seng mas scho!" - a well-known saying in Bavarian dialect, which roughly translates as "Let's see what the future brings", but with a positive vibe. The whole thing was designed by the well-known illustrator and caricaturist Dieter Hanitzsch.

The net proceeds will be donated in full to the Münchner Tafel and the association "Ein Herz für Rentner".

You can buy the t-shirt exclusively in the official Wiesnshop at store.oktoberfest.de

Nach dem "Koa Wiesn"-Krug jetzt das Shirt

With the "Koa Wiesn" jug, Roland Hefter has launched a special campaign. The Wiesn collector's jug, which is already sold out, is a fundraising campaign for market traders and showmen. With the "Koa Wiesn" shirt, the second campaign for a good cause is now following.

See in the video how the new donation shirt is presented by Roland Hefter, the City of Munich's Oktoberfest chef Clemens Baumgärtner and popular comedian Monika Gruber.

Video: This is the "Koa Wiesn" shirt