Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Multi-talent Stephan Kuffler as Photographer

The host of the Weinzelt presents his first photo book

Those who like to celbrate in the Weinzelt can find him there with his Leica: Stephan Kuffler, the host of the Oktoberfest tent, is always taking pictures. But not only Oktoberfest motifs. Now he has published his first photo book.

"Munich Moods", maritime motifs and travel impressions

90 black-and-white pictures by Stephan Kuffler and texts by SZ author Stephan Handel fill the impressive Coffee Table Book which he presented in his Hotel München Palace on the evening of 6 February 2020. You won't find any Oktoberfest motifs in it, but you will discover plenty of other photographic declarations of love for Munich: Kuffler's "Munich Moods" show well-known motifs such as the Siegestor, the Theatinerkirche or the English Garden with Monopteros. But with his special eye, the host of the Weinzelt manages to ensure that they are not snapshots or postcards, but pictures that are remembered and that people like to look at more often. And again and again. Besides Munich, Kuffler also loves maritime motifs, street photography and likes to portray people and animals.

Stephan Kuffler could not be happy without taking pictures

"One of us meditates, the other does yoga and I take pictures," says the self-taught man, who has been pursuing his passion with growing enthusiasm for over 20 years. Working with his (mostly manually operated) Leica cameras decelerates him, says Stephan Kuffler.

And where can you admire the photographs? In large format at the Hotel München Palace in Bogenhausen, where they not only hang in the lobby, bar and restaurant, but also decorate the suites of the new hotel wing. It goes without saying that there is a copy of "The Palace Collection" in every room, which you can take home as a souvenir for 59 euros.