Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

30 contenders for the Oktoberfest poster

Oktoberfest poster competition: The final phase has begun

After the voting is before the decision: In the official Oktoberfest poster competition, 30 designs have made it to the final selection following the public voting. Only one can win - and a jury will decide in the coming days which one that is.

The final decision will be made on 31 January

You had the choice! During the voting phase of the Oktoberfest poster competition, Internet users were allowed to vote for one or more favourites from 66 approved designs. The 30 designs with the most votes have now made it to the final round. The winner of the poster competition will be announced on 31 January - after a jury of experts has determined the winning design. This will then adorn the official Oktoberfest 2020 poster and numerous other articles promoting the world's largest folk festival.

You want to see if your favourite has made it to the final selection? Have a look at the 30 Oktoberfest posters still in the competition