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Photo: Sebastian Lehner

What happens to table reservations for Oktoberfest 2020?

What to do when you booked a table for the Wiesn 2020

The Oktoberfest 2020 cannot take place due to the Corona pandemic. But what happens with table reservations for the beer tents? We have asked the landlords – here you will find all the answers to your questions.
Peter Inselkammer, spokesman of the landlords Peter Inselkammer, spokesman of the landlords • Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Do I have to cancel my table reservation for 2020?

We asked the spokesman of the Wiesnwirte, Peter Inselkammer from the Armbrustschützenzelt: "If I have reserved a table for myself and my friends in one of the large beer tents and festival halls for the Wiesn 2020 - do I have to cancel it because the Oktoberfest 2020 is cancelled?

Peter Inselkammer: "No, that's not necessary - since the Wiesn 2020 is not taking place, the tables are actually cancelled. You don't have to do anything else."

Is my reservation automatically transferred to 2021?

It's very likely that we can look forward to the Oktoberfest in 2021 - will reservations for 2020 be automatically transferred to next year?

"Reservations for 2020 are not automatically transferred to 2021", says landlord spokesman Peter Inselkammer, "but some tents offer to postpone bookings until next year. This is handled a little differently in each individual tent, just as the reservation modalities are generally not the same everywhere."

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Reservation office at Armbrustschützenzelt Reservation office at Armbrustschützenzelt • Photo: Sebastian Lehner

When can I book a new table for Oktoberfest 2021?

What remains – despite the cancellation of the Oktoberfest – is the anticipation of an even more beautiful Wiesn 2021. When will it be possible to reserve tables and seats in the tents for the next Oktoberfest?

Peter Inselkammer: "Normally, reservations are possible from spring of the year the Oktoberfest takes place. But here, too, there is no uniform deadline – I recommend simply asking at the office of your favourite tent when reservations for 2021 are possible."

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Otto Lindinger Otto Lindinger • Photo: private

What about bookings for the small tents?

In addition to the large tents from Augustiner to Weinzelt, there are also 21 Small Tents – here, you can and should also make reservations in order to get a table.

Otto Lindinger, spokesman for the Small Tents, joins his colleagues Peter Inselkammer and Christian Schottenhamel in terms of the modalities – the handling is quite similar.

Lindinger adds: "All guests of the Kleine Wiesnzelte who have made or requested reservations for 2020 have already been contacted and informed by the hosts. They were able to decide whether they wanted to cancel the reservation for 2020 without substitution or have it transferred to 2021".

The same applies here as for the large festival halls: Best to ask directly!

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