Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

The smell of Oktoberfest: Where the roasted almonds are in 2020

Mandelhans: Oktoberfest feeling (without the festival)

The scent and taste of roasted almonds is one of the first memories of the Oktoberfest for Munich people. No visit to the Oktoberfest is complete without the red and white paper bag containing these sweet contents. The good news in the "No Oktoberfest year 2020", soul food is still there! Also there are other Oktoberfest delicacies to warm the stomach and heart. Here is how Mandelhans feels without Oktoberfest - and where to find him.

"The only almond roaster at the Oktoberfest" - who else can claim this?

He handles it with humor - that is the "Mandelhans" a.k.a Markus Kaiser. His almond hut is located at the huge and almost-empty Theresienwiese. He has been there since July 24th. and will still be there until October 4th for the "Summer in the City". He's also glad about it.

"I truly miss Oktoberfest," he says as his gaze wanders over the almonds, "but I'm happy to be here." What's it like in the pandemic year, 2020 - which canceled off all the events he usually sets up his booth at? "Well, it's just different; But still nice," says Kaiser, who has been selling roasted almonds, ice cream, sweets and drinks for 22 years.

A different Theresienwiese: Sports and palm trees

"The regular customers come daily", Kaiser says. The residents enjoy this different (Theresien) Wiesn, although most of them miss the Oktoberfest. Normally his hut is located between the tents of Schottenhamel and Bräurosl, where there is always a lot going on. Now he has more space, a wide view, and more time to chat with the people. "That's nice, too - people do sports, sit under the palm trees, and enjoy the late summer sun. I saw a falcon the other day - that's never been seen at the Oktoberfest before!"

Chocolate fruits and spicy Oktoberfest food: Where can you enjoy it?

Oktoberfest food can be a bit of a comfort in a year without the festival. Roasted almonds, chocolate fruits, glazed apples, gingerbread hearts and cotton candy are also available at the Trachtival in Werksviertel. It's ongoing until October 25, 2020.

You can also enjoy typical Bavarian and Oktoberfest delicacies at the Olympia Park in the city. For example, in Radlinger's Weissbier Garden - where you can have some Augustiner Wiesnbier and the Oktoberfest classics of Theresienwiese.

Visit Königsplatz from now until Sunday, October 4: There are plenty of food and candy stands that you know from the Oktoberfest.

Also worth a visit: The Munich taverns. The Oktoberfest hosts offer typical delicacies from chicken and Kasspatzen to bread dumpling carpaccio and more. The greatest possible safety in terms of distance and hygiene is assured as well.