Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

City of Munich wins trial for fall event in Dubai

Oktoberfest: Dubai event may not advertise with name of Munich original

Plans for an event in Dubai have been making headlines since the end of April. The Munich I Regional Court has issued a ruling in the proceedings brought by the City of Munich against the organizers of the Dubai event. According to the ruling, the latter will be prohibited in future from creating the impression that the Munich Oktoberfest is moving to Dubai in 2021.

No link to the Munich Oktoberfest allowed

The use of images and wordings suggesting a link to the original Munich Oktoberfest was prohibited by the Munich I Regional Court on June 25 for the organizers of the Dubai event. Consequently, they must now refrain from making any corresponding reference to the Munich Oktoberfest in the advertising of their event.

Among other things, the court expressly clarified that the organizers of a planned fall event in Dubai had unlawfully created the inaccurate impression that the original Oktoberfest was moving to Dubai this year. This was precisely what the organizers were aiming for, among other things, with the advertising message "Oktoberfest goes Dubai". This was intended to attract showmen and restaurateurs, especially after the cancellation of the Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese due to the pandemic. In the opinion of the city and the court, the organizers thereby attempted to use the esteem shown for the original for themselves in an unfair manner.

Statements by Mayor Dieter Reiter and Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner

The aim of the legal action taken by the City of Munich was and is to protect the worldwide good reputation of the Munich Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest is a cultural asset that has been cultivated for over 200 years. The city organizes this distinctive festival at great financial and organizational expense and will therefore do everything in its power to protect it as a unique and original Munich event.

Mayor Dieter Reiter: "I am pleased with the ruling, because there is only one original Oktoberfest and it takes place in Munich and will not find a new home in the desert."

Clemens Baumgärtner, the Labor and Economic Affairs Officer responsible for the Oktoberfest, said after the ruling, "In addition to protecting our Oktoberfest, it was also important to us to protect the interests of our business partners who rely on the Oktoberfest brand. The ruling consolidates our position as organizers of the original and is a clear warning to anyone who tries to exploit the value and core of our brand for their own profit."