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Oktoberfest poster 2021: This is what it looks like

The new poster 2021: The motif for the 187th Oktoberfest

Even though there will be no Oktoberfest 2021, the Oktoberfest poster for this year has been chosen: Munich resident Maria Elisabeth Dick has designed the motif for the 187th Oktoberfest. The Department of Labor and Economy (RAW) has chosen the winning poster for the fifth time in a public competition on the official city portal muenchen.de and with a jury. Oktoberfest-boss Clemens Baumgärtner presents the new poster in a video here. All info on the designer and the poster competition.

Oktoberfest fans and all who want to celebrate a "Home Wiesn" can get their copy of the Oktoberfest poster here

Winning poster shows a lot of heart for the Wiesn

A blue-framed Oktoberfest gingerbread heart dominates the center of the poster, surrounded by green hop tendrils. Typical Oktoberfest accessories include a bow in the shape of the Olympic loop at the top, two Oktoberfest steins, and a pretzel below. And all this against a radiant background of muted orange. With this design, the young designer Maria Elisabeth Dick convinced the users on muenchen.de and finally the jury of experts. In their evaluation, the judges emphasized the lively Oktoberfest feeling, the emotional appeal, the graphic balance and the positive design.

Clemens Baumgärtner, chairman of the jury and head of the Department of Labor and Economic Affairs: "I am delighted that this year's winning poster comes from a young Munich designer. The motif by Maria Elisabeth Dick impresses with its perfect craftsmanship, dynamism and fresh colors. It shows a lot of heart for the Wiesn and some indispensable ingredients for a successful Wiesn visit."

Video: Clemens Baumgärtner presents the Oktoberfest poster 2021

This is the winner of the contest Maria Elisabeth Dick

The winner of the Oktoberfest poster competition comes from Munich: Born in 1994, communication designer Maria Elisabeth Dick beat 163 other designs in the competition and receives 2,500 euros as 1st prize. Her Oktoberfest heart motif had already received the most votes in the online poster competition on muenchen.de and also convinced the jury of experts.

After graduating from the Munich Design School, Dick first worked as a graphic designer and since 2018 as a freelance illustrator under the label "Citas Paintbox". She is also successful as a cosplayer: In 2019, for example, she received an award for the best costume at the "World Cosplay Summit" in Tokyo.

This is how the online poster competition went

The online competition to find the Oktoberfest poster was held for the fifth time on muenchen.de. The users were allowed to decide which 30 motifs made it into the final selection by the jury of experts. And as in the previous year, they had already awarded the winning motif the most votes.

Professional graphic artists, design students, artists and also creative laymen took part in the public competition - the only requirement was that they had to adhere to the technical specifications. A total of 164 designs were uploaded, 47 of which made it into the online voting. 7,250 Oktoberfest enthusiasts cast 20,560 votes during the voting phase - multiple entries were possible.

The final decision was made by a jury consisting of 9 expert judges from advertising, design and RAW as well as 6 expert judges from the city council. The results of the online voting and the names of the entrants were not known to the judges.

Since 1952, the City of Munich has held a public competition for the Oktoberfest art poster. The winning design represents the Oktoberfest on the Internet, social media and on licensed merchandise and posters.It also adorns the official Oktoberfest Stein, which has been issued in limited quantities every year since 1978.

2nd and 3rd place The motifs of Laura Szafranek (l.) und Florian Huber (r.) • Photo: RAW

These designs came in second and third place

In addition to the winner, the City of Munich also offers a 2nd and 3rd prize each year: This time, second place goes to Laura Szafranek from Papenburg for a modern, coherent Oktoberfest stein against a blue background. The communication design student receives 1,250 euros. Third place went to the independent graphic designer and illustrator Florian Huber from Thalhausen/Kranzberg. His design with a Wiesn couple and a silhouette of Munich and Oktoberfest attractions delights with colorful freshness. For this he receives prize money of 500 euros.

The 30 posters in the final selection of the competition 2021
The posters of the Oktoberfest since 1952