Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Munich Oktoberfest will not take place in Dubai: official statement

The Wiesn stays „dahoam“

Recently, media in German-speaking countries have been reporting intensively on plans by a private individual to hold an Oktoberfest in Dubai. Various headlines linguistically suggest that the Munich Oktoberfest is actually being relocated to Dubai, is moving there, or is taking place in the desert this year due to a possible cancellation.

In this regard, the Department of Labor and Economic Affairs of the City of Munich, as the organizer of the Munich Oktoberfest, states: "The Oktoberfest is a Munich original and takes place exclusively in Munich. The plans that have now become known are not being pursued by the organizers of the event in Dubai either on behalf of or with the consent of the City of Munich.