Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: MunichArt.de

The schedule after the end of the Oktoberfest

This is how the dismantling of the Oktoberfest proceeds

Immediately after the end of the Oktoberfest on October 3, 2022, the dismantling of the rides, booths and tents has begun. The east-west crossing of Matthias-Pschorr-Strasse will be free again from around October 10, 2022, and the north-south crossing from the end of October.
Toboggan Toboggan • Photo: MunichArt.de

Showman companies need up to ten days

The small showmen need about ten days for the dismantling and often have connection places on folk festivals, for example in Bremen, Memmingen or on the Auer Dult. The market traders hand the municipal booths back to the Department of Labor and Economic Affairs or dismantle their own booths. The Oktoberfest construction yard then begins dismantling the booths in front of the tents and the stands, which are then set up at Mariahilfplatz for the Auer Dult (Kirchweihdult from October 15 to 23).

The schedule of dismantling: rides, stalls and festival halls

  • Until 4.10.: The municipal stalls in streets 3 and 4 and in Matthias-Pschorr-Straße must be handed over by 1 pm.
  • By 5.10.: The municipal booths in Wirtsbudenstraße and the stores at the pole sites must be off the site by 6 pm.
  • By 7.10.: All showmen's businesses and other businesses owned by the city must be dismantled by 12 noon.
  • Until 14.10.: The gastronomic middle businesses (chicken fryers, sausage and snack halls, café tents) and the high rides (roller coasters, water rides and the Ferris wheel) must have left the square by 12 o'clock.
  • Until 11.11.: The brewery festival halls and other large gastronomic businesses must be dismantled by 12 noon. (Exception: Tollwood Winter Festival area).

Editors please note: During the dismantling of the Oktoberfest, the construction site will remain closed. Filming and photography will not be possible. Access permits will not be issued.