Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Rico Güttich

Official Oktoberfest mug 2022 presented

This is how the Oktoberfest mug 2022 looks like

Münchner Kindl meets the Angel Aloisius: The official Oktoberfest mug for 2022 was presented in the Armbrustschützen tent. With its warm yellow, it speaks directly to the heart of Oktoberfest fans. Find out who is behind the design and where you can buy the limited edition mug: You can read all the information here.

Oktoberfest anticipation with cabaret artist Claudia Pichler

Kabarettistin Claudia Pichler • Photo: Rico Güttich

Radiant colors and a lot of anticipation: This is the Oktoberfest mug 2022

A bright light outshines the beer tent and Ferris wheel, the angel Aloisius and the Munich Kindl have taken each other's hands and are full of anticipation entering the scene. This special moment, when the Wiesn can finally take place again this year after two years of the corona pandemic, was packed into a luminous motif by the Munich autodidact Leo Höfter.The picture adorns both the Oktoberfest mug 2022 and the official poster.

Wiesnwirte-Sprecher Peter Inselkammer, Kabarettistin Claudia Pichler und Wiesn-Chef Clemens Baumgärtner (v.l.) bei der Krugpräsentation • Photo: Rico Güttich

Cabaret artist Claudia Pichler presents the official Oktoberfest beer mug 2022

Enthusiastic faces could be seen at the presentation of the pitcher in the Armbrustschützen tent. Cabaret artist Claudia Pichler presented the pitcher with a simultaneously satirical and emotional review of the compulsory Corona break. Her personal anticipation of the Oktoberfest 2022 was clearly noticeable.

Oktoberfest boss Clemens Baumgärtner said: "I think that's a feeling that one or the other who went to the beer tent here today also got: Entering a beer tent at the Oktoberfest again after three years is nothing everyday more, but almost a state of emergency. And of course we want to take sufficient account of this state of emergency with the mug."

Peter Inselkammer, spokesman for the tent owners, was also moved: "It's a particularly emotional moment when I can say: 'Welcome to the Armbrustschützenzelt at the Oktoberfest!' I haven't been able to say that for a long time."

• Photo: Rico Güttich

Where you can buy the Oktoberfest mug

It is said that the Oktoberfest beer tastes particularly good from a stein. Best of all, of course, from the coveted collector's mug! All you have to do is decide which version you want: The simple standard beer mug for 26.99 euros or the one with a hand-made pewter lid for 44.99 euros, which this year shows a portrait of the former Wiesn host Franz Xaver Kugler (1873 - 1935).

This year the edition is limited to 70,000 pieces, which can be bought during the Wiesn in souvenir shops and in the tents as well as in the official tourist information offices at the main station and in the town hall on Marienplatz and online. Well then cheers!

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