Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Rico Güttich

Oktoberfest setup 2022: Munich's most beautiful construction site

Galleries: A walk across Theresienwiese

In 2022, the building of the Oktoberfest tents began earlier than usual, the scaffolding of the tents was already in place at the beginning of July. While the festival tents are already being decorated, the rides have arrived on the Theresienwiese as well. We take you on a walk across Theresienwiese: In our picture galleries you can see the tents from the outside and inside, experience unusual views and details. The Wiesnwirte also paid us a visit. Come along and click through the photos!

Final sprint: the rides are coming!

This makes the anticipation of all little Wiesn fans immense: Shortly before the start on September 17, the rides are set up on the Theresienwiese. From the ferris wheel to the five-loop to the Bayern Tower, you can recognize the classics from afar. Before the Höllenblitz, there is still some work to be done, before the first passengers arrive on Saturday. Other traditional rides such as the Munich slides are also getting ready.

3 more weeks - maypoles and co are standing

For a long time they lay on the ground, the typical white and blue ringed maypoles. Now they have been set up, for example in front of the Hofbräuzelt. He has already taken his place in front of the tent and soon the lion will roar again "Löööö-weeen-bräääu". The grill is being set up at the Goldener Hahn. So things are clearly progressing, and that's a good thing: it'll start in 3 weeks!

From the quadriga to the lion: The tents

There they are, the big Oktoberfest tents for 2022 - in their usual places, because the foundations always remain under the gravel of the Theresienwiese. From the Schützenfest tent at the Bavaria to the Schottenhamel festival hall, where the tapping will soon take place: A tour.

Details from the big tents

Many details make every tent unmistakable. Surely you know the crown on the Hofbräufest tent and the quadriga on the Marstall, but have you ever noticed the pig from the Armbrustschützen tent? We took a close look:

Special views across the construction site

The Wiesn offers many unusual perspectives, especially during construction. Come with us to the Löwenbräu tower, if you are free from giddiness, or to one of the sunny galleries of the big tents.

The landlords came to visit

Of course, the hosts don't miss the opportunity to visit the Theresienwiese in person. Christian and Konstantin Schottenhamel can't wait and have even brought a barrel. Steffi Spendler a lion, because the one in front of her tent had not yet arrived when she visited. Get to know the Wiesnwirte!

Yellow, white and green: inside the tents

We had wait for this sight for ages, but now the fabric panels are hanging in the big tents again! Whether green and white in the Armbrustschützenzelt or yellow in the Paulaner Festzelt. In the Hacker festival tent the beautiful paintings with Munich scenes are mounted. But see for yourself:

How to get across the Theresienwiese during construction?

For safety reasons, entering the large construction site on the Theresienwiese is not permitted. However, the crossing options on foot and by bike will be maintained for as long as is possible after the progress of construction. A detailed map with the routes across the Theresienwiese and all information on traffic restrictions around the Oktoberfest is available at muenchenunterwegs.de (in German).