Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Michael Nagy/Presseamt München

Oktoberfest poster 2022: Now on Sale

Oktoberfest 2022: Where to buy the official poster

Munich's Leo Höfter designed the motif for the 187th Oktoberfest. The Department of Labor and Economic Affairs (RAW) selected the winning poster for the sixth time in a public competition together with the official city portal muenchen.de and a jury of experts. Find out where you can buy the poster and how much it costs here.

Buy your Oktoberfest poster 2022: This is how

Whether as a collectible for Oktoberfest fans or as decoration for your own home: the Oktoberfest poster 2022 is now available for purchase.

You can buy the poster in the Munich Tourism online shop for 12 euros (DIN A1) or 9 euros (DIN A3). EUR 8.90 shipping costs are added to each order. Of course, you can also buy the poster at the Tourist-Info at the main train station (Luisenstraße 1) and in the New Town Hall (Marienplatz 8).

Das Gewinnerplakat (Ausschnitt) • Photo: LHM/Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft

Münchner Kindl and Aloisius adorn an emotional Wiesn poster

Munich-based financial and actuarial mathematician Leo Höfter is the winner of the 2022 poster competition. With his emotional design, the self-taught artist speaks directly to the feelings of Oktoberfest fans who had to do without their Oktoberfest for two years, according to the expert jury. A warm, yellow light shines over the beer tent and Ferris wheel, the angel Aloisius and the Münchner Kindl have taken each other by the hand and enter the scene full of anticipation. The prize winner receives 2,500 euros for his 1st place.

185 designs were submitted for the 2022 poster competition, 128 of which made it into the public vote on muenchen.de. Here, 10,688 Wiesn fans cast 37,770 votes to select the 30 most popular poster designs. From these, a jury of expert judges selected the winning design for the Oktoberfest poster and two other prizes without knowing who had submitted the design or the results of the public vote.

Clemens Baumgärtner on the winner: "This poster tells the best story"

Clemens Baumgärtner, chairman of the jury and head of the Department of Labor and Economic Affairs: "This year, everyone is eager for the Wiesn to be held again. That's why the poster is also very special. The jury decided by a very large majority in favor of Leo Höfter's design. Like no other, his motif illustrates the longing for the Wiesn and the anticipation of the festival after two years of standstill. The magic of the moment is captured so vividly that the jury very quickly agreed: This poster tells the best story in this special year."

Die beiden weiteren Siegerplakate • Photo: LHM/Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft

The second and third place winners

Video producer Viviana Schaller from Motion Squad and her colleague, graphic designer Arthur Demyanov, jointly designed the second-place poster (left in the picture) and shared 1,250 euros. With their richly detailed motif, they seduce the eye and arouse anticipation for the upcoming Wiesn.

Munich-born Katharina Bourjau works as an independent illustrator and graphic designer in Tegernsee and Augsburg. As third place winner, she receives 500 euros. At the center of her plump Oktoberfest universe is a modern version of the Wiesn-Waldi. By the way, her design was in first place in the public voting.

More about the Oktoberfest poster competition since 1952

The Department of Labor and Economic Affairs (RAW) of the City of Munich, in cooperation with the official city portal muenchen.de, has launched the Oktoberfest poster competition online, which has been held since 1952. The jury for the Oktoberfest poster competitions, which has a total of 15 members, consists of nine expert judges* from advertising and design as well as the RAW and six expert judges* from the city council. Anyone who uploaded a poster design for the Oktoberfest in accordance with the technical and content specifications was able to take part in the preliminary public voting, which was held for the sixth time on muenchen.de. Among them were professional designers as well as dedicated autodidacts.

The award-winning motif by Leo Höfter will be seen on the Internet, in social media, on licensed articles and posters. It will also adorn the official series measure stein, continuing the line of coveted collectible steins begun in 1978.

All 30 posters from the public vote on muenchen.de