Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Emergency help at the Oktoberfest

This is how the medical service works at the Oktoberfest

When help is needed, the Aicher Ambulanz is on hand at the Oktoberfest: every day, 10 doctors and over 100 helpers take care of the guests.
For the first time this year will be used glasses with cameras For the first time this year will be used glasses with cameras • Photo: Aicher Ambulanz Union

What's new at the Oktoberfest ambulance service in 2022

A new feature this year is that the ambulance station is operated around the clock, i.e. if patients cannot be discharged, they are cared for there until the next day. This also relieves the burden on Munich's hospitals.

Technical upgrades have also been made: The IRIS ("Instant Remote Interactive Support") system is being used for the first time. Using camera goggles, the stretcher teams send live images to an emergency doctor, who can give the first instructions for treatment directly. Speaking of technology, the virtual hospital clown "FrédARico" will provide entertainment for children in the first-aid station in 2022.

The blue stretchers will be used again in 2022 • Photo: Aicher Ambulanz Union

First aid station and stretcher teams

A little too much to drink, stepping on a piece of glass, a dizzy spell - it's obvious that medical help is needed at the world's largest festival with several million visitors.

At the last Oktoberfest the use of stretcher teams proved to be particularly effective at that time: It took the teams just over four minutes to reach the injured person on foot. And they walked a lot: the relay teams covered around 1,700 kilometers, the equivalent of the distance from Munich to Madrid.

Managing director Peter Aicher, Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner and operations manager Michel Belcjan during their visit at the medical station • Photo: Aicher Ambulanz Union

Around 450 employees on duty at Theresienwiese

A total of around 450 Aicher Ambulanz employees are on duty at the Theresienwiese. Most of them come from Munich and the surrounding region, but there are also helpers from Austria and Italy. Of course, they are all trained in advance for the very special Oktoberfest mission.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Aicher Ambulanz works according to a specially prepared hygiene concept, i.e. all employees are fully vaccinated and wear FFP2 masks inside the first-aid station. The same applies to care in the outside area.