Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

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Gabriele Neff and Thomas Roiderer | ©Anette Göttlicher

50 Munich kids experience Oktoberfest

A special afternoon for children who would otherwise not be able to experience the Wiesn so easily: At the invitation of the host family Roiderer, 50 kids were allowed to eat and drink in the Hacker tent, then we went to the Riesenrad and the "Wilde Maus". The campaign was initiated by Gabriele Neff (FDP), a member of the Münchner Kindertafel e.V. (Munich Children's Board).
Schottenhamel | ©Sebastian Lehner

The Oktoberfest landlords want to strengthen the protection of minors

Commitment to the protection of minors: After a well-known radio station carried out a test in which a few young people under the age of 16 were given beer in some tents, the Oktoberfest landlords expressed their great regret. The landlords speakers emphasize that youth protection is an important topic for them and announce which steps they are now planning...
Hearty breakfast for craftsmen | ©Anette Göttlicher

The craftsman Monday on the Oide Wiesn: an old tradition

For many years there has been the "Mason Monday" on the Wiesn - since 2019 it has been called "Craftsman Monday". For the start of the second Oktoberfest week, all trades are now invited to white sausages and pretzels in the Festzelt Tradition on the Oidn Wiesn.

Welcoming Oktoberfest personnel from abroad

For decades, the police, fire brigade and paramedics on the Oktoberfest have been supported by emergency forces from abroad. On Sunday, the festive leader Clemens Baumgärtner welcomed the colleagues from Italy, France and Austria in front of the Bavaria and thanked them for the good cooperation. And there was even an anniversary to celebrate...

The Oktoberfest landlords' brass concert 2019

The traditional brass concert of the Wiesn chapels - a very special event this year. At "Unter der Bavaria" around 300 musicians played under the direction of Alois Altmann and prominent guest conductors, including Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter and Oktoberfest boss Clemens Baumgärtner. In honour of the late Wiesn city councillor Hermann Memmel there was a very special world premiere. 
Oktoberfest: half time facts | ©Romana Bauer

This is the mid-term review of the Oktoberfest 2019

Almost summer temperatures, 3.3 million guests, satisfied showmen and culinary delights - that is the conclusion at halftime of the Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest boss Clemens Baumgärtner was happy about a "relaxed and beautiful Oktoberfest" and also police and fire brigade speak of a quiet course so far. The most exciting facts at a glance...

Is Barack Obama coming to the Oktoberfest this year?

High attendance in Munich: Barack Obama appeared today as opening speaker at the Start-Up-Festival Bits & Pretzels in Munich. However, the former US president did not visit the Munich Oktoberfest afterwards, as he had announced years ago...

UEFA EURO 2020: Mascot Skillzy at the Oktoberfest

The European Football Championship 2020 will take place in 12 countries - and in Germany only in the Munich Arena. It goes without saying that Skillzy, the official mascot of the UEFA EURO 2020, will not miss a visit to the Oktoberfest.