Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Oktoberfest News

All the news for the world’s largest folk festival

What’s new at Oktoberfest, what should you definitely not miss and what are Munich locals talking about these days? We’ll keep you in the loop. Always up-to-date!

Oktoberfest waiter loses wallet with 3,700€ cash - and gets it back

Honest people still exit: Today a young woman found the purse of a Oktoberfest waiter with lots of cash at the main station. The federal police turned the purse over to the owner - who was very happy, but also had some gaps in his memory.

Oktoberfest-Aktion "Wiesn mit Herz"

Traditional hospitality: Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter today welcomed over 250 socially disadvantaged Munich residents to the Schottenhamel Festival Hall during the "Wiesn mit Herz" (Wiesn with a heart) campaign. From there he started his tour in further beer tents, in which altogether approximately 1,300 humans were treated to a meal.
Otto Lindinger and Manfred Schauer | ©Leonie Liebich

Birthday party: 150 years Schichtl

"Auf geht’s beim Schichtl!" This slogan is just as legendary at the Oktoberfest as the associated variety theatre, which premiered exactly 150 years ago at the Oktoberfest. A reason for the director and Munich original Manfred Schauer to celebrate! And his ten-person cabinet even performed the brand new show on the occasion of the anniversary...

Celebrities have fun at the traditional "Almauftrieb" at Käfer Festzelt

The "Almauftrieb" at in the Käfer tent is one of the most popular celebrity events at the Oktoberfest. This year, many well-known faces gathered again. From soccer world champions like Miroslav Klose and Jerome Boateng to pop stars, all sorts of celebrities came along. Here you can see a selection.

Five tents awarded the "Excellent Bavarian Festival Tent" prize

In addition to Weißwürscht and Hendl, the traditional Bavarian cuisine has a lot of other delicacies to offer. In order to bring them closer to the many international guests at the Oktoberfest, the ministry of agriculture and the DEHOGA Bayern honour tents, which are particularly committed to regional products.
Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Marstall tent | ©picture alliance/Ursula Düren/dpa

Arnold Schwarzenegger rocking it out at the Marstall Tent

Oktoberfest visitors were able to admire perhaps the strongest conductor in the world in the Marstall tent on Sunday evening. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself swung the baton for the band. But then again, his visit is not that surprising.
 | ©Gunnar Jans

Shooting guild "Winzerer Fähndl" moves into Armbrustschützenzelt

The first Oktoberfest sunday is dedicated to tradition: around 9,000 participants present Bavarian customs in all their glory at the great traditional costume and shooting procession. Following the procession, the "Winzerer Fähndl" hunter's guild will come to their home, the Armbrustschützenzelt. Watch our video: Part 2 of "Wiesn Stories"!
The traditional costume parade | ©Monacoshots

Impressions of the traditional costume parade 2019

The world as a guest in Munich: Historic costume groups from all over the world roamed the Munich city centre on the first Oktoberfest Sunday - with colourful Robes and music bands, around 9,000 participants provided the atmosphere for the traditional costume and hunters’ parade. We were there...