Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Oktoberfest knigge

How to drink beer at the Oktoberfest the right way

What would the Oktoberfest be without its famous Wiesn beer? Last year the visitors drank in total 7.7 Million liters. When you drink beer at the Wiesn you can easily make some small mistakes. You are well prepared with our beer knigge.

Cheers: Clinking glasses the right way

The tradition of clinking glasses and setting down goes far back into the Middle Ages. 'When the nobility began to get closer to the common people, they also clinked glasses with them', explains Manfred Newrzella, CEO of the Verein Münchener Brauereien e.V.. But they still didn't want to stay on the same level, so they virtually negated that by by putting the beer mug down again, and then the aristocrat drank. So that's why it's actually a disregard for the other person, if you know it.

But how do you clink glasses the right way? It's important how you hold your beer mug. Many people take the mug with their whole hand to hold it up. Newrzella warns: You can really hurt your fingers when you are toasting like this. The better way is to grab your mug at the handle. There's a trick: If your mug is too heavy, you can stabilize it by putting your small finger under the handle. Afterwards you start toasting. Not too soft, but definitely not too strong.

How to drink beer the right way

Inside your Mass there should be a liter of best Wiesn beer. You can easily check this for yourself. If the beer reaches the imprint of your mug, you are fine and can start drinking: Cheers!

According to Manfred Newrzella, there are a few rules to pay attention for, when you drink beer:

  • The last sip of beer of your Mass is called ‘Noagerl‘. Normally you don't drink it - and please don't mix it with your new fresh beer. There is, however, one exception: If the waitress needs too much time to bring you a new Mass and you are very thirsty, you are allowed to drink the Noagerl.
  • The beer makes its way to you inside a mug. From there it should go directly to your mouth. Some peple replace the glass with their shoes. This is very unhygienic and doesn't belong on the Wiesn! It's a folk festival and not a contest for binge drinking.
  • Of course, Oktoberfest beer is stronger than normal one. Burt there's no reason to dilute it with water. Order a Radler, that tastes way better!
  • No matter how thirsty you are: Only show-offs and people in need of recognition chug their Mass down in one gulp. You shouldn't cheer to this stupidity, which is forbidden.
  • You drink inside a tent or in the beergarden, not on the street. So please leave your mug inside the tent areas.