Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Dirndl hairstyles: up all night!

Plaited or up in a ponytail: The most beautiful Oktoberfest hairstyles to match your dirndl

Is your outfit for your trip to Oktoberfest ready? Do the dirndl, blouse and apron fit perfectly? Now it’s time to think about the perfect Oktoberfest hairstyle. Plaits, twists, or up in a ponytail — the most artistic crowns and hairstyles can always be admired at Oktoberfest. Whether you have short, long or mid-length hair - just a few minutes and some matching accessories will get you in the mood for Oktoberfest from head to toe.

Going round the twist: Braided hairstyles are on-trend

Plaits aren’t the work of magicians, even if certain tricky hairstyles would have you believe. Braids are a feature of some of the most popular hairstyles, and also make a real impression in bobs or shoulder-length hair. If your hair is particularly fine, you would be wise to use a curling iron before plaiting to create additional volume. Prior to styling, haircare professionals turn to salt or sugar spray, or dry shampoo, to create that extra bit of grip. There are at least as many types of braided plaits as there are tents at Oktoberfest. The fishbone braid is especially popular, which can be either worn at the back as is traditional, or to the side. To make this hairdo that extra bit special, casually remove a couple of strands. It makes the look even more playful. Topping the braid charts are also the French plait, which forms the basis of many other hairstyles, and the crown braid and braided ponytail. The latter also goes well with shorter hair and complements a dirndl perfectly.

The ideal accessories to make you simply beer-tiful

Oktoberfest is colorful. That means you can wear pretty much any kind of hair accessory, provided it matches the rest of your Oktoberfest outfit. Flowers of all kind are particularly popular, whether it’s individual blooms placed in your hair, or floral hairbands that are worn on loose hair or worked into a finished hairstyle. Don’t forget: Less is more. By the way, a traditional hat is the perfect accessory for anyone who is short on time or doesn’t feel like styling their hair. The perfect remedy for bad hair days. They come with feathers, bows, plain, checkered, and in every color under the sun. When buying a traditional hat, however, you should make sure that you nab one that really looks like it belongs at Oktoberfest, rather than Germany’s Karneval.

Oktoberfest, 8 p.m., 90 degrees: your hairstyle still looks amazing

An Oktoberfest hairdo goes through a lot. Wind, unpredictable weather, rides and all the commotion and dancing, not to mention the high humidity levels and heat in the tents. Whatever you do, make sure you use a generous quantity of hair grips and clips for up-dos. You’re trying to achieve the right balance between an onslaught of headaches on account of hair being pulled back too tightly, and keeping your hairstyle intact. Apply hairspray liberally for extra hold. If your (loose) hair goes flat after a couple of hours but you’re still in the mood to party, here are a couple of first-aid tips. Volume powder helps to revitalize dull locks. It freshens up your hair and gives it back its volume. Simply rub a small amount together in your hand and massage it into the areas where you would like more volume. Even after dancing to your twelfth Oktoberfest hit, you hair will still have bounce!